Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

It’s not hard to imagine what the world would be like if Ferrari did come out with a successor to the venerable Enzo supercar. As one of the meanest and most awesome supercars to come out of Maranello in history, the Ferrari Enzo certainly has no equal – that is unless a successor to it comes along down the road.

In the event that our fantasy does come true, concept designer Peter Simon already has an idea of what he thinks the Enzo successor is going to look like.

Featuring a far more aggressive nose and front end than the real Enzo, Simon’s concept work is the personification of a car that certainly poses a design identity that’s all its own.

According to Simon, the inspiration behind his work was taken from – get this – human and animal bones. Simon took his inspiration, weird as it sounds, and combines with the flair of Maranello to create a striking study that boasts of swooping angles that we’ve never seen from an actual Prancing Horse.

We have to give props to Peter Simon for the ingenuity and the rather out-of-the-box approach to his work. We just don’t think that an Enzo successor – if or when it does come out – would look anything like this.

It’s no secret that with a supercar like the Ferrari Enzo, a great deal of time is spent on research and development, with the main goal being to be able to call it one of the brand’s crown jewels. As is the case with these type of exotics, a brand like Ferrari will more often than not build a prototype version of the Enzo that is going to be used in all manners of testing, research, and further development. These prototypes are later modified and fine-tuned to become the end product that is the Enzo. As for these test versions, we probably won’t hear a whole lot about them after the finished product is finally released.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how the Enzo came to be, a prototype version of the Mother of all Ferraris is now up for sale by Modena Motorsport. Built as a prototype for the Enzo back in 2000, this particular prototype is the only working test car that left the Ferrari factory. It even comes with an authorized factory certification, ensuring that this Enzo test car is completely legit. If that doesn’t spell out ’exotic’, we don’t know what will.

Moreover, it’s got a V12 engine that produces 680 horsepower with a six-speed gearbox, and it only weighs 1,365 kg. While we’re pretty sure that this prototype can hold its own against other exotics, what makes this machine truly remarkable is its exclusivity.

The prototype’s price wasn’t divulged, but we imagine any potential buyer can inquire about it directly at Modena Motorsport. Don’t press your luck, though. A car this rare probably won’t come cheap, so if you have images of plucking this away for less than six-digits, then you’re probably wasting your time.

Richard Losee is no stranger to hard work. After crashing his precious Ferrari Enzo back in 2006, this driver took it upon himself to restore his ride and add even more bells and whistles making it debut ready in time for the Bonneville Speed Week. His vehicle went from a standard Enzo developing 651hp to a Twin-Turbo Ferrari Enzo delivering a tremendous 850hp! At Bonneville his hard work ended up paying off as his Enzo went on to establish a 238.142 mph Class C (360 cubic-inch) Blown Fuel Modified Sport category and Enzo top speed record with an average run of 237.81 mph. It didn’t happen on the first try though. Many attempts were made with bumps in the road, like a malfunctioning chute and improper tuning, before the Enzo finally completed the task it had gone there to achieve.

"I had to leave for the airport literally right when we made the run as I was headed for a race in Phoenix," said tuner Shane Tecklenburg. "I was changing the tune up while we were towing the car back to the pit and I left immediately afterward not really knowing if what I had done would be enough to get them there."

Now, Losee’s Ferrari Enzo not only holds the top speed record, but it also holds the record for the most driven (31,366 miles) Enzo ever. Nice job, Losee!

Source: Jalopnik

It’s no secret that Ferrari is already preparing a successor for the legendary super sports Enzo . In fact, they’ve been preparing this supercar for quite some time now and, although we can pretend we are tired of waiting, the truth of the matter is we would wait as long as we need to in order to take a peek at the awesomeness that is this vehicle. Fortunately, other car fanatics are looking forward to this car as much as we are and will attempt to render the model with their incredible artistic and/or computer graphic talents.

The next Enzo will benefit from the intense use of carbon fiber, making the supercar weigh around 1200 lbs. Under the hood there will be a newly developed V8 bi-turbo engine with around 700 HP mated to a double-clutch transmission with seven speeds that provides ultra-fast gear changes. It is expected to see a sprint from 0 to 60 mph made in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 223 mph.

The new Enzo will make its world debut in the spring of 2012 and will be limited to only 399 units. Price is expected to be in the 800,000 euro area (around $1million at the current exchange rates).

Source: Autobild

When it comes to the successor for the Ferrari Enzo we’ve heard all kinds of rumors. However, we can now clear some of those up as Ferrari S.p.A. Chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, himself not only talks about the future car, but also about the company’s future.

The next Enzo will be revealed in 2012 and it "will incorporate the state of the art of our knowledge in terms of increasing performances while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. It will then influence all Ferraris that appear after it." Under the hood there will be the same gasoline-hybrid technology that is found in the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS concept that was unveiled in March at the Geneva Auto Show. As for the car’s design language, it was previewed in 2007 by the Millechili concept .

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo also confirmed that Ferrari will be about "fast cars and fast trains – and no politics", and that despite his 63 years of experience in life, he will continue working for Ferrari: "I want to shape the next product cycle at Ferrari to assure a bright future at a company that has been inextricably intertwined with my life."

The first ones who have put face to face asupercar and a jet fighter were the guys from Top Gear. And since then this kind of race become a fashion. The last one is a race between a Ferrari Enzo and a CF 18 Jet. And not any kind of Enzo, but one tuned by Edo Competition !

The Enzo XX Evolution is powered by a 6.3 Liter V12 that makes an earth shattering 860 HP and 575 lb-ft of torque. Weight has been reduced by 220 pounds and the Enzo can now sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed in excess of 242 MPH. On the other hand, the CF18 jet can hit a top speed of 1127 mph, but it has a slower sprint. The winner? Who cares, just enjoy the video!

Only days after we talked about this mammoth piece of machinery, the twin-turbo Ferrari Enzo finally made its way to the Bonneville Salt Flats where, predictably, it turned quite a favorable number of heads as it made a couple of test runs.

If you remember, this particular Enzo actually crashed a few years ago while it was participating in a rally. Not content in seeing his pride and joy go to waste, the car’s owner, Richard Losee, decided to make the most of a bad thing and completely restore his supercar back to its former road-pouncing capabilities. Actually, Losee did more than just restore his Enzo; he went as far as upgrading the car’s already loaded specs, turning it from a 652 horsepower thoroughbred into an 850 horsepower rocket.

With the Enzo now fully-restored and blasting from all cylinders – 12, actually – Losee went out and brought to the annual Bonneville Speed Week to show off just how far a wrecked supercar can go from a heap into something more powerful than its original incarnation. Sure, it helps to have loads of money to spare, but as evidenced by the twin-turbo Enzo’s run at Bonneville, money shouldn’t be an issue if the car can blast off from the starting block as fast as this supercar did at Bonneville.

Source: You Tube

When people wreck their cars, for the most part, they tend to just rebuild it to its original state. But why not take it one step further? In fact, why not take a giant leap further and create a vehicle that will eventually end up taking part in the Bonneville Speed Week? Take Richard Losee, for example. Mr. Losee crashed his Ferrari Enzo back in 2006 when he was taking part in a rally. Instead of just replacing the same parts with comparable pieces, he one-upped the restore. Now his stock 6.0 liter V12 engine produces a staggering 850hp while a standard Enzo only produces 651hp. Can we say, "Upgrade?"

Next to the engine upgrade, this Enzo also gets slimmer tires, an aerodynamics-enhancing carbon-fiber nose, and a lowered suspension. The car’s new nose will help it be aerodynamically stable at speeds of around 300 mph (483 km/h). As of right now, no one has confirmed the turbocharged Enzo’s top speed, but we are thinking it will be plenty higher than the 217mph delivered with a standard Enzo.

Keep a look out for this Ferrari Enzo as it takes part in the Bonneville Speed Week this week in the Great Salt Lake Desert in Bonneville, Utah.

Source: WCF

While talking about the future roadster version of the Ferrari 599 with the British magazine Auto Express, Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo also offered a few details on the company’s future hybrid plans.

During the interview, Luca di Montezemolo said: "The future for Ferrari is hybrid for the 12-cylinder and new [turbocharged] technology for the eight-cylinder. Within three-four years we will be ready with a V12 hybrid based on the HY-KERS concept."

Translated this means that the successor for the Enzo, the next 599, and the Scaglietti, will be powered by smaller-capacity V12s mated to electric motors to boost efficiency.

For the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS , the powertrain combines a V12 engine with an electric motor producing more than 100 Hp and is coupled to the rear of the dual-clutch 7-speed F1 transmission.

Internally known as the F70 , the next Enzo will combine elements from the FXX Mille-Chili lightweight concept, the 599XX track car, and the 458 Italia . The F70 will be a very light car with a total weight of about 2200 lbs making the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than 3 seconds, while top speed will go up to more than 230 mph.

Source: AutoExpress

The Ferrari 599 GTO is getting all kinds of love these days. And why shouldn’t it? It is, after all, the most powerful road-going car in the company’s long and illustrious history. Of course, just because Ferrari’s new pride and joy is all that and more, it doesn’t mean that we should start sleeping on another Ferrari that can pretty much hold it’s own against any supercar thrown its way.

Suffice to say, the Ferrari Enzo is and will always be one of the best cars Ferrari has come out with. Combining elements of speed, grace, and power in one package, the Enzo has a universally-respected stature that the newly-released 599 GTO can only hope to attain in the future. Just to remind all of those that have been going gaga over the 599 GTO recently, here’s a video of the Ferrari Enzo being taken for a run around the track at the Imola racing circuit.

Source: YouTube

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