Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

When a person typically hears the words Ferrari, you tend to think of a very exotic sports car wearing the Scuderia’s signature Rosso Comtetizione red paint scheme, or perhaps even occasionally a yellow or black example. This is what makes this particular Ferrari Enzo super car stand out from the crowd, because underneath the factory paint scheme is a carbon fiber monocoque. This carbon clad Enzo was spotted in Maranello wearing a set of factory license plates, so it is curious as to why a few Ferrari employees were driving in the bare carbon fiber Enzo, especially since the super car has been out of production for quite some time now.

This is what makes the situation even stranger. What exactly is this Enzo looking vehicle and why is someone at Ferrari driving an Enzo with factory plates? Could this be a test mule for an ultra light weight future Enzo successor, or it simply part of the Italian automaker’s customer customization program, or are they just going out for a joy ride like in Feris Bueler’s Day Off. Either way we are posing a mountain of questions with no foreseeable conclusions in sight, so if you have any ideas, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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The Ferrari Enzo is already a very exclusive and beautiful supercar. However with a little more help it can become something even more powerful and impressive. The tuners from Edo Competition have just come up with a new kit, inspired by the factory backed one make racing program, called XX.

800 HP Ferrari Enzo XX by Edo Competition

Edo Competition’s performance package consists of a modified 6.3 Liter V12 built with new steel cylinder liners, titanium connecting rods, forged high compression pistons, titanium valve springs to deal with that extra lift from a set of more aggressive bump sticks and an improved oil squirter setup consisting of higher flowing pipes. The screaming V12 that once made 650 HP has now been tuned to to develop a maximum output of 800 HP at an astounding 8,500 RPM and 575 lb-ft of torque at a rather high 5,800 RPM.

This much added power in the Edo tuned Enzo XX means that the 60 MPH marker will come up in only 3.2 seconds from a standstill and push the wedged shaped Italian super car to a top speed of 236 MPH.

Specifications after the jump.

In a country where replicas are the standard way of life, you’d have to believe that the Chinese have already perfected the inexact science of taking the cloning of manufactured goods to new heights.

The Chinese are so good at this craft that no industry is safe from their experimenting hands. Naturally, that includes the auto industry where the Chinese have made replicas of Japanese and European cars and have done quite an impressive job with it – at least for the most part.

We say most part because despite their impressive hit rate, the Chinese have also had their fare share of misses, none of which was more brutal than their attempt at replicating a Ferrari Enzo .

For comparison purposes, were including a photo of a computer-generated image of what these guys were trying to go for. In the end, however, it seems fair to say that their version is a far cry from the original. To be completely honest, we have to warn all those Ferrari aficionados to get your stomachs ready before you see their version. To say that they bastardized it just might be the understatement of the century.

But hey, at least they got the doors right.

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Before continue reading this post we have to warn you: if you suffer for a heart condition it is advised to go on to the next post. This video is guaranteed to make you feel bad! If just a few days ago you were astonished by the video of a burning Ferrari 612, today is time for a limited edition piece of history: a Ferrari Enzo was set ablaze in Okanagan Falls, BC.

The driver was behind the wheel of his supercar when the car caught on fire. Lucky for him, he was able to run out of the car before it was engulfed in flames, unfortunately he had to watch his baby destroyed by the fire!

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It has been almost 5 years since the last of these celebratory prancing horses from the Italian stable rolled out of the workshop in Maranello, but we will never tire of seeing them. The Ferrari Enzo is undeniably one of the most beautiful and most desirable super cars in the world. If you wanted to hear how the 650 HP V12 sounds, check the video!

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There are a few truly lucky people on the face of this earth; New York Hedge Fund manager Jim Glicknehaus is definitely one of them. He is such a big fan of the Ferrari 330 P3/4 racecars, that he shipped his Enzo back to Italy for a $4 Million makeover.

The complete overhaul of the 650 HP super car included a restyled body by Pininfarina, a new set of 20 inch rims and an interior picked out by his wife and daughter. The Italian automaker liked the 330 inspired Enzo so much, that they made it an official member of the prancing horse family.

Ever wonder why celebrities tend to stay away from the public? Well Jamiroquai front-man, Jay Kay, has a definite reason to stay in his room the next time he goes to a hotel. Kay was having a drink with some hotel staff, when an already drunk pastry chef started getting "aggressive" with Kay.

Jay Kay's Enzo brutalized

Kay ended his evening with the staff, and when he returned to his room later he found the chef, later identified as Aaron Billington, pelting his Ferrari Enzo with rocks. Billington was later arrested, and called his act a moment of "utter madness".

As much as we may appreciate Kay’s love for good cars, our advise to Billington is to next time just hit the man, and leave the innocent car alone.

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After seeing the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe at McDonald’s , it now looks like another member of mega-rich may be looking to save some cash. This Ferrari Enzo taxi in the Middle East may be the perfect answer to the next time you’re late for a flight (as long as you have no luggage.)

In reality, no fare would ever be high enough to recoup the cost of this cab. This is just someone having some Photoshop fun.

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Understatement can sometimes be a beautiful thing. This black-matte Ferrari Enzo was spotted at the Ferrari Racing Days held last weekend at the track at the Nürburgring in Germany. The car was flanked by its more traditional brothers painted in glossy factory red and black.

Although the owner is unknown, you can likely leave him (or her) a message directly on the car now that it has a chalkboard-like paint job. So is this a stealth beauty, or just the worst customized paint job since the golden Porsche ?


Yes we know is not a very successful replica, but after all it only costs $10,500! This Enzo replica is built on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT chasis and is powered by a V6 engine.

Ferrari Enzo Replica on eBay

It has LED lamps front and rear, boyd wheels, 4-point safety harness system, factory AC, digital instrument panel, Lambo doors, and a tuned exhaust, beautifull competition paint, door poppers, AM-FM, CD player, and DVD player with a monitor.

Is not an Enzo, is true, but for $10.500 you will make heads turn!

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