Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

British property magnate Jon Hunt is nuts about his Ferraris , which makes him one of the few people in the world who has the capability to love the cars and then buy them afterwards. He also just recently accepted the delivery of his latest purchase, the Ferrari LaFerrari .

But simply taking the keys from a dealership wasn’t memorable enough for Hunt. So he decided to do something different. With the help of his two children and some friends, Hunt led his own version of a Ferrari parade, that is if you consider the distance from London to Ferrari headquarters in Maranello as a parade.

It seems like one, seeing as the cars Hunt picked to go pick up the LaFerrari were some of the most exclusive and sought-after Ferraris in the world. Really, it doesn’t get any better than a 288 GTO , an F40 , an F50 , and an Enzo, does it?

After spending his first five minutes inside the LaFerrari, Hunt quickly lines them all up together and tells (via the above video) that he’s the type who actually drives his Ferraris, even admitting that he’s done 16,000 kilometers on the Enzo alone.

For somebody who has just about every exclusive Ferrari in the past 20-something years, Jon Hunt has shown us what it really means to be a proud and dedicated tifosi.

Rev battles are pretty common in the supercar world, especially when people want to play "which is better" among competing models.

There are times though when the subject of these rev wars are supercars wearing the same badge. Even rarer is when these supercars who wear the same badges are actually the predecessor/successor to one another.

That’s what we have here with the Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari LaFerrari , two of Maranello’s fastest and most powerful supercars. We all know that the LaFerrari traces its lineage to the Enzo, the ultra limited, exotic Ferrari built back in 2003 to showcase what happens when you put Formula One technology into a street-legal car.

A full decade later, the LaFerrari was born and, similar to the Enzo, it became the epitome of Ferrari engineering.

So excuse us if we admit to salivating at the sight and sounds of these two uber hypercars try to one-up each other in engine noise. Don’t worry, we won’t judge any of you if feel the same way.

As always, the best way to enjoy this video is to turn up the volume, sit back, relax, and hit play.

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It seems like we are off to a good start with news from Ferrari this new year. Recently, we brought you stories of highly cherished, classic Ferraris that will hit the auction block in 2014 and a brand new LaFerrari popping up at a used car dealership . The asking price is three times that of a brand new La Ferrari .

If $3.2 million for a used LaFerrari seems rather steep, then you’ll likely be outraged by the roughly $3 million asking price of this used Ferrari Enzo . Yes, the F60 that preceded the LaFerrari.

Ferrari built just 400 examples of the Enzo, which makes it even rarer than the LaFerrari , which will see a 499 unit production run. This very example of the 2003 Ferrari Enzo is up for sale at Fusion Luxury Motors in Los Angeles with just 354 miles on its ticker.

It is the last of the V-12 Ferraris with fewer computers and electric motors. The Ferrari Enzo is widely regarded as one of the most awesome Ferrari models ever manufactured .

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If you have over $4 million in your bank account and you cannot find a way to spend it, we offer you two solutions. You can either hand some over to us or you can snag up a pair of supercars previously owned by Michael Schumacher. We are not talking about some ordinary supercars either - not that any supercars are “normal” - but about a specially designed Ferrari Enzo and an unique FXX .

The two supercars were put on sale by supercar dealer, Garage Zenith, and are priced as follows: almost $1.5 million for the Enzo and $2.7 million for the FXX.

What makes the two vehicles so special, besides being driven by the Formula 1 champion, of course? Well, both of them were specially designed for Schumacher and are even more unique than the original models. The Enzo features a few famous signatures under the hood, including Ferrari’s chairman Luca di Montezemolo. The FXX is the only one in the world to don a black paint scheme. For a little extra uniqueness, Schumacher drove the FXX at Top Gear’s test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome back in 2009.

Both models were given to Schumacher as a sign of appreciation for his achievements.

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Back in 2011, Zahir Rana , the owner of the ZR Auto Dealership, somehow managed to "park" a heavilty tuned EDO Competition Ferrari Enzo straight into the Atlantic Ocean during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland.

Right after the incident, the Enzo was flown back to the Edo Competition garage where the tuner had to do a massive repair. It all started by removing the sea water and all the damaged parts. The tuner also decided to install a new aerodynamic package with styling inspired by the FXX supercar. The interior and the wheels are also new.

After one and a half year, the work on the car was done and the Enzo was successfully resurrected. On Monday, the ZXX flew with the Cargolux to Calgary, where it was taken over by one happy owner.

Let’s just hope he will decide to drive the car away from the Atlantic Ocean.

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With Father’s day getting closer, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what present you are going to buy him. We do know that Father’s Day is more about showing your appreciation, but if you have a secret bank account somewhere that has an extra $6.2 million in it, this collection might be the perfect gift.

It includes three of the greatest Ferrari models ever built: a 1990 F40 ; a 1995 F50 ; and a 2003 Enzo . This group of premium Ferraris is only available as a collection, as the seller will not separate them.

For your $6.2 million, you will get three supercars with a little over 200 miles on the ticker. The F40 and F50 are painted in Rosso Corsa, while the Enzo gets a very cool Rosso Scuderia exterior paint.

The Enzo is just one of the seven models produced in Rosso Scuderia and one of the only two ever built to US-specs.

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Ferrari LaFerrari

Ah, so Facebook does have its uses besides posting random funny pictures, arguing politics and stalking your ex, as we have come across several teaser images from various manufacturers in the past week. Just today we were lurking around on Ferrari’s Facebook page and came across a few images that may pique your interest just a little bit.

The subject matter in the photograph just so happens to be none other than the reclusive and elusive F70, F150 New Enzo , or whatever you call it. Unfortunately, these images really show us next to nothing, but we do get a nice look at the dual tailpipes hanging out of the back end – something everybody knew it would have – and what looks to be a shot from inside the cabin overlooking the sleek, sloping hood. The latter image is likely the most revealing, as we now get a good look at the massive fenders and a little more detail of the front end.

Fortunately, we are on the final countdown to the official unveiling of this Enzo successor. We can’t wait to see the car and find out exactly what Ferrari plans to name its new machine. Check out the gallery below to see the two new images.

Ferrari LaFerrari

The new Ferrari Enzo - currently known internally as the F150 and to some as the F70 - will make its world debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. While the auto show is still a few weeks away, rumors suggest that in Italy the model will be priced at about €1.21 million (about $1.6 million at the current exchange rates). By comparison, back in 2002 Enzo was priced at €665,000 (about $890,000 at the current exchange rates). The model will be limited to only 499 units.

Final specifications on the new Enzo are still to be released, but the Italian maker did promised it will deliver much more than the current F12berlinetta, which delivers a total of 740 horsepower. Still, when compared to the current supercar, the next Enzo will combine a V-12 normally aspirated direct-injection gasoline engine with an electric motor for a total output of more than 900 horsepower.

The model will use lots of carbon fiber in its construction in an attempt to keep the car’s total weight as low as possible.

Full details will follow closer to its official launch in Geneva.

We support the rationale that a Enzo shouldn’t just be left out to collect dust in a garage because its owner decided that it’s too expensive to be taken out on the road.

We’re all for giving the Enzo some serious burn, but not on this level.

Whoever owns this particular Enzo either has a lot of money on his hands for repairs, hence the "TAXTHRICH" vanity plate, or he’s just certifiably nuts.

Granted, he agrees with us and has no problem giving the Enzo some runs on the road, but to turn it into a rally car and drift the heck out of it in gravel and muddy waters?

Now that’s just taking it too far. Imagine having to see some chipped paint on your multi-million-dollar supercar because some rocks and gravel got a little too close to it? That’s gonna cost a lot in repairs, buddy.

Then again, it’s his car and he’s free to do whatever he wants to do with it. And we thank him (or her) for the fine video of this thrashing.

As expected, a hand-selected group of clientele got the first look at the upcoming Ferrari F150 — the successor to the Enzo supercar. While that is not huge news itself, there is some big news coming from the folks that attended the showing. We won’t get to see any images of the event, but we do get to enjoy the first details on the supercar’s final specifications.

According to people who actually saw the car at a private event in Maranello, the future F150 will be powered by a V-12 engine combined with the latest HY-KERS electric hybrid system for a total output of 950 horsepower. The next F150 will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and to 124 mph in 7 seconds. It will peak out at an insane 229 mph.

The new Ferrari F150 will be limited to only 499 units and will be available in only three exterior colors. The supercar will be priced at €1.2 million (about $1.6 million at the current exchange rates) and its official debut will be made at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It will the road in December 2013.

Excited yet? We sure are!

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