Ferrari F12

Ferrari F12

  Ferrari followed up their 599 sports car with the new F12berlinetta in 2012. The F12 berlinetta is the most powerful high-performance Ferrari road car has ever launched. It was designed by the Ferrari Styling Center in cooperation with Pininfarina and is said to be "a perfect balance of uncompromising aerodynamics with harmonious proportions interpreting the typical elements of Ferrari’s front-engined V12 cars in an original and innovative way." The F12berlinetta is powered by a V12 engine with an impressive output of 740 HP - an increase of 120 HP over the previous 599 GTB Fiorano. This increase in power also comes with a decrease of fuel consumption, specifically a 30% reduction. With a total weight of just 3362 lbs, the F12berlinetta will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, while top speed goes up to over 211 mph. Ferrari has also announced that the new model lapped the Fiorano circuit in 1:23, faster than any other Ferrari road car.

Ferrari F12 berlinetta

In 2011, Ferrari broke its own profit record by selling 7,195 cars and raking in a cool €321 million. That was all well and good, but one year wasn’t enough. The low-sales-high-profit automaker was already up 7 percent in total unit sales and 13 percent in profit at the halfway point of the year and the trend hasn’t slowed.

The increases put Ferrari on pace to sell 7,328 units and pull in €304 million in profit, so it has a little work to do in the profit side of the ledger, as 2011 had a strong finish. With the F12 Berlinetta debuting in Europe in September, hitting the second-half growth needed to break its record shouldn’t be a problem.

Ferrari chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, is set on the fact that the company will break its own record profits again, making it back-to-back years of setting records. This is all coming while the rest of the automakers, particularly those in Europe, are struggling to sell cars and lower losses. This shows that Ferrari obviously knows how to keep its operating costs low and still maintain quality control and customer retention.

Regardless of it breaking the record, seeing a low-volume auto manufacturer making that type of profit is impressive. To boot, Ferrari is just about in line with the pricing of its competitors, Lamborghini and Aston Martin , so it’s not a matter of Ferrari just jacking up prices in hopes of profit. Simply good business by itself and parent company, Fiat S.p.A., is all we can attribute this success to.

Most of you know Gordon Ramsay as an amazing Scottish chef. But, how many of you did you knew that he is also a Ferrari owner for many years? And now he finally got the chance to visit the Ferrari plant in Maranello. A special day for Ramsay, who went around all the production facilities and was truly impressed by the working environment in Ferrari.

Also, a very special day for Ferrari’s employees who could not believe their eyes either, and warmly welcomed Gordon asking for autographs and photos.

"You can feel the passion of the people working here – he said – it’s incredible, I couldn’t imagine such a place: bellissimo!"

His visit included Ferrari’s Tailor Made and the Atelier, where Gordon Ramsay met Amedeo Felisa and the Ferrari’s CEO, who showed him the newborn F12berlinetta . A car by which he was really impressed. At the end he was taken by test driver Raffaele de Simone to the Fiorano circuit to enjoy the F12berlinetta and he got behind the wheel of the 458 Italia .

The brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is catching attention everywhere for being the most powerful high-performance Ferrari road car ever launched, but there’s no better place to see it than on a racetrack. This new video shows the Ferrari right where it needs to be, allowing us to enjoy its power and fantastic sound at Fiorano with a series of full throttle accelerations and fly-bys. Enjoy the luscious sounds and sights of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and try not to get drool on the keyboard.

As a reminder, the F12 Berlinetta is powered by a V12 engine that delivers a total of 740 HP at 8500 rpm and 508 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm. Mated to a F1 dual-clutch transmission, the engine will sprint the supercar from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and to 124 mph in 8.5 seconds. Top speed goes up to 211 mph.

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Ferrari already revealed a bunch of videos for their latest F12 Berlinetta supercar, but all of them show the car in action on closed tracks, not in the real world. Now, Youtube user, Mikesupercars, was lucky enough to catch the car driving around in Maranello, Italy. According to him, the car came straight from the Ferrari factory gates and it’s a demo car for interested buyers.

As a reminder, the Ferrari F12berlinetta is the most powerful high-performance Ferrari road car ever launched. The car is powered by a V12 engine that delivers a total of 740 HP at 8500 rpm and 508 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm. The car can sprint 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and to 124 mph in 8.5 seconds. Top speed goes up to 211 mph.

When it comes about filming great sports cars, Marchettino is no doubt our favorite guy! He is always in the right place at the right time and has some of the most amazing shots.

For example lets take his latest video: a Ferrari F12Berlinetta caught testing on track! Video shows a couple of loud full throttle accelerations, fly bys and loud downshifts, even a few slow drive bys where you can admire the design of the car.

and as a reminder, the new F12berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari ever built: it is powered by V12 engine that delivers a total of 740 HP at 8500 rpm and 508 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and to 124 mph in 8.5 seconds. Top speed goes up to 211 mph.

Ferrari F12 berlinetta

At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled the Vettura Laboratorio HY-KERS - the company’s first attempt to create a hybrid vehicle . Now in an interview with Autocar, Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa has confirmed that the Italian company is working on a V12 hybrid engine that will most likely make its debut in the upcoming Enzo . This hybrid engine comes as a followup to the V12 used in the new F12 Berlinetta , which Ferrari has called “the first in a new generation of V12s.”

"We will roll out new technology that is there first and foremost to introduce a green factor to our cars and ensure that we can keep our product where it is in terms of CO2."

According to Amedeo Felisa, this system won’t just be used to increase the total output, but will be a good way to save energy. The company’s new technology is expensive at the moment, but Ferrari hopes it will find a solution to reduce costs in the near future and use it for all Ferrari models.

"I’m not saying when, but it is possible that this technology will be on all Ferraris. It has been designed to fit all our future architecture, and if we go ahead it will be fitted as standard. It is not the sort of thing you offer as an option."

Source: AutoCar

Now that the successor for the 599 - the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - has graced us with its presence, many have started speculating on the future renditions of the sports car. Our first thought went to the amazing possibility of a F12XX version, but now we’re taking it back a notch and taking a stab at the Spyder version of the car, even though we probably won’t see it until late 2014.

The F12 Berlinetta Spyder will be offered with the same technology as its coupe brother, but it will add a cloth top, and not a retractable hardtop like the one used in the Ferrari California . This decision will be made in order to keep the car’s weight as low as possible.

Under the hood, we’ll probably see the same 6262 cc V12 engine that delivers a total of 740 HP at 8500 rpm and 508 lb-ft of torque at 6000 rpm. Since the car will be weighed down a bit thanks to the added cloth top, we don’t expect it to carry the same 0-60 mph sprint time of 3.1 seconds or top speed of 211 mph.

Now that Ferrari has unveiled the new F12 Berlinetta , it would only seem natural to think about the many variations that will be created from it. We couldn’t think of any other modifications we hope find their way to the F12 Berlinetta than the ones found on the most extreme 599 in history: the 599XX Evolution .

Compared to the standard model, the 599XX Evo was more powerful, lighter, and featured a more aggressive look. We imagine the future F12XX Berlinetta would carry those same modifications, including a redesigned front bumper with a new grille, a bigger air intake on the hood, new wheels, new side skirts, and a new rear bumper. Other additions include a carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber mirrors, a black roof, and, of course, some "F12XX" logos on the windshield.

As for power, the Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta will more than likely carry the same engine as the standard model, massaged to deliver about 50-60 more HP. This would leave the 6262 cc V12 engine with an increase to 790-800 HP.

An official debut for the Ferrari F12XX Berlinetta will more than likely be made in a few years. Until then, this rendering should hold us all over.

The Geneva Motor Show never disappoints. Every year, we bear witness to some of the most amazing auto debuts on this event, and this year, it’s no different.

As far as sports cars and super cars are concerned, there were so many eye-popping debuts that literally made our heads spin. German sports cars, Italian super cars, special edition British super cars, and yes, there was even one exotic from Sweden that received an upgrade.

In this section, we’re going to dive into the sports cars and super cars that made their debuts at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The list runs pretty long so we suggest that you start heading over after the jump to check out which of these established brands made quite an impression on us at Geneva.

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Exterior The new F12berlinetta is the result of a cooperation between the Ferrari Styling Center and Pininfarina. It looks like to carry over design elements from the Ferrari FF Ferrari FF and the Ferrari California Ferrari California , but combined with sleek, aggressive lines that offer a more sporty appearance. Since the F12berlinetta was designed to be the most powerful high performance Ferrari Ferrari road car ever created, the company’s traditional transaxle layout had to be modified. The wheelbase was shortened and the (...)

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