Ferrari F70

Ferrari F70

Rumors about a successor for the Ferrari Enzo started a long time ago and while we’ll have to wait to get the chance to see the real car, we all can make use of this time by speculating. This timeRoad and Track comes with a new rendering of the future supercar, believed to be called the Ferrari F70 .

The magazine believes that the F70 will combine elements from the FXX Mille-Chili lightweight concept, the 599XX track car , and the 458 Italia . The F70 will be a very light car with a total weight of about 2200 lbs. It will be powered by a supercharged V8 producing a maximum output of 700 HP. It will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than 3 seconds, while top speed will go up to more than 230 mph. Considering the new 599 GTO has just become the fastest road-legal Ferrari ever built (with a lapping time on the Fiorano test track of 1 minute and 24 seconds), we expect the next F70 to offer us that much more. The F710 will also utilize the latest technologies in its direct-injected engine to succeed in better fuel ecomony and low emissions.

The Ferrari F70 will go on sale in 2012 and is rumored to be priced at around $1 million.

Source: RoadAndTrack

After last week’s announcement that the Italian automaker Ferrari is planning on topping off their lineup of exotic dream machines with an all new super car to head up the high performance lineup and celebrate nearly 70 years of success with a car that is currently codenamed the F70. The new super car will serve as a successor to the Enzo and there are also rumors flying around that it will also be offered as a hybrid .

Like the lightweight Mille Chili concept , Ferrari will focus on reducing the next generation halo car’s mass in an attempt to increase speed and handling without necessarily having to force more air and fuel into the F70’s combustion chambers. The way it looks now, the F70 will be based around a compact footprint and weigh in at no more than 1,000 kilograms. Meanwhile under the rear deck lid there is rumored to sit a supercharged V8 making a maximum output of 700 HP when it is unveiled in 2012. Like Enzo Ferrari always said, build one less then you think you can sell, so the very special F70 will be limited to only 399 units.

Source: AMS

Up until now we have only been speculating about what will power the Ferrari Enzo’s successor, but now we know for sure because according to source at Cars UK, Ferrari had to chose between another V12 or a boosted V8 developing somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 HP for the future F70 .

It seems that their source is a well connected Ferrarista that was looking to buy the new super car and of course he had a few questions. The first one being "What engine does it have?". The answer that followed was simply put, "V8". With the follow up question being, "What about turbo lag?". The reply he received from the cool and collected Ferrari customer service representative was, "Turbo lag is no longer an issue".

Ferrari has set their sights a little higher with the Enzo’s successor because the upcoming F70 will compete head to head with other high end super cars like the Lamborghini Reventón and Bugatti Veyron . Following Ferrari’s mantra of building one less model then they think they can sell, there will only be 399 F70s produced and will retail somewhere in the $1 Million range.

Source: Cars UK

As you may already know, the exotic Italian automaker Ferrari is busy preparing a successor for their last anniversary celebrating halo super car, the Enzo . It only makes sense that the future car will be called the F70 in honor of a 70th anniversary and is promised to be unveiled sometime in 2012. The upcoming F70 would compete head to head with other high end limited edition super cars like the Lamborghini Reventón and Bugatti Veyron . There will only be 399 F70s produced and prices will range in the $1 Million region.

With efficiency high on their list of priorities, Ferrari wants to keep the future F70’s weight to a minimum (1000 kilograms), just like the Millechilli . Now this would be a substantial undertaking for any ordinary automaker, but Ferrari is ready to apply every weight saving technique in their arsenal. While the Enzo was powered by a high revving V12 that made 650 HP, the F70 will use a new direct injection twin turbo V8 , quite similar to the legendary F40 , with output in the area of 660 HP. This should be enough for the future super car to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in under three seconds and the F70’s top speed will go up to 230 MPH.

Here’s a new look at the Enzo’s successor. Although it looks like an F430, rumors are that under the skin lives the next top supercar from the prancing horse. This isn’t the first time the car has been caught in disguise , but it is a good excuse to show a beautiful Ferrari.

From the leaked document we saw back in September, we know the car will be powered by an aluminum V8 engine. The future F70 or FX70’s powerplant will produce up to 794 hp and 570 ft.lbs of torque. 0 to 60 mph sprint should happen 2.7 seconds, and top speed will go up to 242 mph.

Design for the new supercar should be taken from the Millechili concept , and pricing could possibly be between $1.7 and $2 million.

Source: Arthomobiles

First a leaked document revealed important details on the future Veyron GT . Now, Ferrari has fallen into the trap: a confidential document revealed details ont he future FX70, Enzo’s successor .

The engine will be an aluminum V8, mounted longitudinal position, with double-compressor and approved for stringent Euro V emission standards. The body is made out of carbon fiber and a monocoque chassis. A seven speed double clutch gearbox will be used with reported changing time of only 50 milliseconds.

The perspective numbers are exactly what you’d expect from a top Ferrari: 794 hp and 570 ft.lbs of torque. 0 to 60 mph sprint takes only 2.7 seconds, and a top speed of 242 mph. Weight: only 1.300 kilos. Price: 1,200,000 / 1,400,000 euros (between $1.7 and $2 million at current exchange rates.)

These kind of figures put this Ferrari in some exclusive company, but the numbers aren’t better than the Veryon. Will this hurt sales, or will the company be able to sell the car on the prancing horse alone?


Here is the first spy shot of the Ferrari’s successor to the Enzo . It doesn’t seem like there is too much to see because the car is wearing the body of the F430 Scuderia .

The car is known internally as the FX70 and is set to be unveiled in either 2011 or 2012 with a price tag of at least $500,000. Production will be limited to around 300 vehicles.

Under the hood Ferrari might place either a V12 engine or a Twin-turbo V8. No matter the engine, output will be around 750 hp. This power should help make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than 3 seconds and hit a top speed of 235 mph.

Read our preview of the Enzo’s successor in here .

Source: WCF

In 1995 Ferrari launched the F50. Seven years after that it was replaced by the Enzo. And now, according to a rule that Ferrari always follow they will launch the F70, seven years after the launch of the Enzo. Also there are no big competitions for the F70 yet, but after Ferrari will launch this supercar on the market for sure many auto-makers will try to build competitors for it.

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