Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF

It seems that Ferrari learned nothing from the previousfire problems the 458 Italia had in the past. The new FF is being reported to have the same issues: a number of three cars recently caught fire, with the latest one being located in Poland (previous two were in Germany in November 2011 and China in February 2012).

The incident took place on the A4 highway near Krakow, Sunday at 19:23. It seems that the fire started spontaneously and according to the driver it went from the cockpit down to the pedals. Luckily he managed to get out of the car in time, but despite his efforts and the help from two fire brigade, the car was completely destroyed.

Ferrari has already recalled a number of FF models from the Chinese market built before December 2011. The problem announced for those models was excessive oil lubrication circuit-processing residues. However, we are pretty sure that a massive FF recall will happen pretty soon.

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China is becoming a key market for a lot of automotive companies, including Ferrari and, as a thank you gift, the company has opened a new Myth exhibition at the Italian Center in Shanghai Expo Park. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the company’s Deputy Chairman Piero Ferrari, as well as representatives of both the Chinese and Italian governments.

The new exhibition center covers an area of 900 square meters and will be open to the public for three years. Its aim is to introduce the Chinese to Ferrari and allow them to experience the history, cars, technologies, and passion of the Prancing Horse first-hand, thereby further consolidating the already strong links between the Italian marque and this nation.

The models displayed are the 348 TS as the first Ferrari to enter the Chinese mainland market, a 275 GTB4 , a 365 GTB4 Daytona , the 750 Monza sports prototype, and the FF .

"For millions of people around the world, Ferrari represents the pinnacle of Italian culture," declared Piero Ferrari. "It is a symbol of passion, success and the constant pursuit of excellence. It has always been our wish to share Ferrari’s unique history and culture with the people of China who have shown great affection for the Prancing Horse and with whom we share core values such as respect for tradition and a tenacious spirit of innovation."

After a long array of teasing, Ferrari has finally revealed the official details on their new successor for the 612 Scaglietti . Called the FF - an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive), the new model is the company’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well as its first ever four-wheel drive car.

The concept car was designed by Pininfarina, and according to Ferrari "the new car represents not so much an evolution as a true revolution." The new model will deliver "unprecedented level an extremely sporty, high-performance character with incredible versatility, superb comfort and sophisticated elegance, guaranteeing both driver and passengers an absolutely unique driving experience."

The new Ferrari FF GT sports car concept made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and a production version will follow by 2012.

UPDATE 03/14/2011: If the new Ferrari FF happens to be in your future acquisitions list, then you should try the configurator Ferrari has just placed online for it. However, we should warn you, no matter what color you choose, the car won’t look any better.

UPDATE 05/07/2012: Ferrari is celebrating 60 years of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II’s reign with a very cool video featuring the new FF. Ferrari will be at the very heart of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant with a series of classic and contemporary models.

UPDATE 10/16/12: The first production Ferrari FF has been sent to its owner in the Netherlands. YouTube user SpotterGijs managed to get a glimpse of the first production FF meeting its new owner. Hop on over after the jump to check out the video!

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Everyone who’s a big racing fan knows Fernando Alonso won the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix. But what those same people don’t know is that Ferrari was so excited about his results, so they prepared a special surprise for him: a brand new Ferrari FF in Rossa livery. We would have been even more impressed if the car was a F12Berlinetta , but maybe that will be the gift if he becomes world champion for the third time.

This isn’t the first time Alonso has received a car prepared especially for him. Just a few weeks ago, we reported on a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 "Ferrari Edition" developed for Alonso and Felipe Massa. Two years ago, he received a personalized Ferrari 458 Italia and a Maserati GranCabrio . Impressive collection, don’t you think?

Thankfully, he has all of the training necessary to drive any of these vehicles and with all of the victories under his belt, they are all well-deserved!

When two cars have the same name, it’s almost necessary to pin them against each other in some type of race. This is what ClassicDriverTV has done with the new Ferrari FF and the old Jensen FF.

Ferrari’s latest sports car creation is a 651 HP four-seater with the cleverest of part-time 4wd systems and 200mph+ performance. The Jensen FF was produced by British manufacturer, Jensen Motors, between 1966 and 1971. It was powered by a 7.0 liter Hemi engine imported from Chrysler that delivered a total of 390 HP.

The two sports cars were put face to face in the snow in Engadin Valley. With the vast power difference between the Ferrari and the Jensen, it seems to be quite clear who the victor was, but having the two cars broken down bit by bit is still an interesting watch!

We aren’t exactly the biggest fans of Ferrari ’s
latest addition to their lineup, but this FF in particular may just be cool enough to change our mind. You see, the standard Ferrari FF works from a 6,262 cc direct injection V12 engine that delivers an impressive 660 HP at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 503 lbs-ft 6,000 rpm, which is fantastic for a car that looks like a stretched out wagon. That being said, Norwegian aftermarket developer,, is upping that ante with a bio-ethanol (E85) conversion that will shoot up the power and kick back its emissions. Sounds intriguing.

The E85 conversion jump-starts the FF’s power output by taking it from 660 HP all the way to 875 HP! This newfound power will allow the sports coupe a 0-60 mph sprint time of less than three seconds, improved from the standard 3.7 seconds.

The conversion still doesn’t make the car any prettier, but it does reduce its emissions by about 80%, from the current 360g/km to 100g/km. Kind of impossible to believe considering this is still a Ferrari.

The E85 conversion for the Ferrari FF is priced at 1,500 euro ($1,900 at the current rates), and since it was converted at a Ferrari dealer, customers may still get to take advantage of their warranty.

The two Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have been invited to one of the most unusual parallel slalom race: they had to drive twoFerrari FF at the World Cup downhill races. And in their hand the FF proved to be very entertaining on demanding hills both up and down, as well as in endless changes of direction laid out on the downhill slalom course.

After the "race" Alonso said: "It’s incredible how easy it is to drive the FF even on a such a demanding surface and at the same time, how high a performance level you can reach in it." And it seems that Massa had a similar opinion: "the most incredible thing about the car is the fact there is no need to compromise maximum performance and useability, whatever the driving environment. And on top of that, it’s perfect for everyday use with the whole family in the car."

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The first trailer for Jeremy Clarkson’s "Powered Up" DVD came out just a few days ago, but we’re already getting a second helping to pump up the anticipation. The DVD was shot on some of the most impressive locations in the world, starting from the South of France to the the high-tech testing ground of Formula One: the Paul Ricard Circuit. The mission is to find Clarkson’s favorite car.

The first trailer featured cars like the McLaren MP4-12C , the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder , theJaguar E-Type Convertible , the BMW 1-Series M Coupe , the Ferrari FF , and the Porsche 911 GT2 RS . This second video adds a few more sports cars to the mix, including the impressive Ferrari 458 Italia .

The ’Powered Up’ DVD is now available, so if you haven’t run out and bought your copy just yet, then take a look at this trailer for all the convincing you’ll need.

After the 458 Italia’s official debut, Ferrari had many issues with units of the model catching fire all over the world. So much so, that they had to launch an investigation to find the source of the problem. It ended up being the adhesive used in the wheel-arch assemblies which, in certain circumstances, began to overheat, smoke, and even catch fire.

Of course, just as one problem is resolved, another arises. With the launch of every new car, new problems arrive and, sometimes, even old problems resurface. During a recent test drive, a Ferrari FF caught fire and was entirely destroyed by the flames. According to the 44 year-old customer test driving the vehicle, a loud bang was heard at the rear at the car right before the car burst into flames. Thankfully, the man walked away unharmed, but the same cannot be said of the FF.

Let’s just hope this is a fluke and that Ferrari learned their lesson with the 458 Italia and changed adhesives.

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From the company that once gave us a special edition Chevrolet Camaro Convertible comes another mouth-watering exotic that figures to shoot up to the top of our holiday wish-lists.

Yes, Neiman Marcus’ 2011 Christmas Book has finally been released, and lo and behold, a special edition Ferrari FF is the highlight of the book’s "Fantasy Gifts" section.

The retail company is no stranger to including desirable vehicles on their annual holiday book so it wasn’t all that surprising to find a special edition FF on the pages of the Christmas Book.

So what exactly makes this particular FF a special edition? Well, for one, it’s only limited to 10 models at a little under $400,000 a pop. Then there are the unique additions to the car, including a special Grigio Caldo paint finish, a special interior plaque highlighting its special edition designation, and then there’s a spot at the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado.

But the best benefit of the FF Neiman Marcus Edition is that you immediately cut the line of all the prospective owners of the newest Ferrari supercar. Whereas everybody else will have to wait a few years to get a hold of their machines, the 10 lucky buyers of the special edition FF will receive their vehicles in the spring of 2012.

So if you’re interested in the four-wheel drive Ferrari supercar, you best be beside your phones to place your order at 12pm ET on October 27. The number to dial is 800-558-0022. Oh, it certainly helps if you have $400,000 to spare from your bank accounts.

UPDATE 10/28/2011: If you were hoping to buy the new FF Neiman Marcus Edition and make it a Christmas gift, we have some very bad news for you: the car was put on sale today and all 10 units have been sold in only one hour. This news really shouldn’t be all that surprising considering a limited vehicle goes through the same frenzied "sold out" episode every year.

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