Ferrari Grand Tourer

Ferrari Grand Tourer

If yesterday we brought you the pricing list for the future Ferrari 599 GTO , today is time to show you the first images, uncovered. The pictures were taken in a special Ferrari sales area, most likely by a Ferrari worker, that might have lost his job after this.

A closer look to the first photo reveal a color palette, that might be the future exterior colors for the GTO.

And if you do not know by now, the 599 GTO will be powered by a 6.0 liter V12 tuned to deliver somewhere between 680 HP and 700 HP. The sprint from 0 to 60 MPH will be made in only 3.2 seconds, while top speed will go up to 217 MPH.

Come on Ferrari, is pointless to still keep it a secret. We know everything about it, let it go!

Update 03.26.10:Ferrari officials asked us to removed the factory shots as they were unauthorized pictures. If you missed them you will have to wait for the official launch.

Source: Caradisiac

Apparently by mistake, the exotic Italian sports car builder Ferrari has revealed that it plans to unveil a new sports car called 600 GTB sometime in the near future. Of course just as quickly as the plans showed up on the internet, they were gone; only after the denials started to emerge from Maranello. Despite Ferrari’s best efforts, the brief glimpse was enough to get the speculations started.

Is Ferrari working on a 600 GTB?

It is believed that the future Ferrari will be an evolution of the current 612 Scaglietti (if you remember we saw some spy shots a while ago). The upcoming GT car might be a study where Ferrari will try to reduce fuel consumption and emissions without affecting performance or the appeal of the future sports car. However at the same time, considering the name GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta), we might see an evolution of the 599 Fiorano , with either modifications to the V12 engine in order to improve efficiency or the addition of few turbochargers and a KERS style hybrid all wheel drive system .


Ferrari will unveil the GT in October at the Paris Motor Show, but first official images will be revealed in just a few days. But, until then here are the best shots ever of Ferrari’s direct rival for the Aston Martin DB9.

The GT will feature a metal folding roof for the first time in Ferrari’s history. This is likely to add weight, although iconic Italian styling house Pinifarina is heavily involved and says it will demonstrate new lightweight construction techniques on the GT.

Ferrari GT best spy shots ever

Under the bonnet of the front-engined, rear-drive GT will be a 4.3-litre V8 engine but, aside from its block, this unit has little in common with the F430’s high-revving powerplant.

It will feature direct injection, new intakes, cylinder heads and valve trains, and is expected to offer a more relaxed power delivery. It will also mark the debut of a new type of throttle body never before used on a car.

Source: AutoCar

A new Ferrari Grand Tourer is in the offing and, in an innovative move, will be revealed to the fans and enthusiasts in a non-traditional way. In the build-up to the new model’s official unveiling at the Paris Auto Show next October, we’ll be revealing it bit by bit on the dedicated site which can also be accessed through the official Ferrari portal at

Visitors to the site will be guided through a sensory voyage of discovery which, over the coming weeks, will gradually reveal the new car in its entirety and feature some highly gratifying virtual road tests too.

The new site launches today and begins that voyage of discovery with the sense of sound. The roar of the new GT’s engine will be the first bit of it to be revealed to enthusiasts, in fact, and will be followed over the next few days by the first photographs of this eagerly-awaited car whose name will also be revealed.

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