1964 - 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS

The 275 GTS, or the spider variant of Ferrari’s 275 GTB, was revealed alongside the 275 GTB at the 1964 Paris Salon. The Spider version was clearly intended for the American market and California’s west coast in particular, where the attractiveness and marketability of a grand touring cabriolet had long been established.

Ferrari 275 GTS

The mechanical layout was very similar to the berlinetta model, but the Pininfarina body clothing it was completely different. Also whilst the Pininfarina designed berlinetta body was constructed at the Scaglietti factory in Modena, the spider was constructed at the Pininfarina workshop in Turin, before being delivered fully trimmed to the Ferrari factory for fitment of the mechanical components.

Ferrari 275 GTS

The 275 GTS had softer more conservative lines than its berlinetta cousin, with echoes of the 250 GT California nose, featuring a shallow, almost rectangular, recessed egg crate grille, a full width bumper with plain overriders, and open headlights in shallow recesses. The front wing line then ran back in virtually a straight line into the cabin section, before rising slightly into the rear wings that then fell into the rounded tail panel with horizontal wrap-around light units, and quarter bumpers with rubber faced overriders.

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The 275 GTS was built on the same 2400mm wheelbase chassis as the 275 GTB and was powered by the latest 3.3 Liter version of Ferrariā€™s proven Colombo designed V12 engine. Redlining at 7,000 RPM and developing 260 HP, the spider sprinted from 0 to 60 MPH in under 7 seconds and reached a top speed of around 146 MPH.

Ferrari 275 GTS

The spider and the coupe shared the same drive train setup as the berlinetta, a five speed transaxle and four wheel independent suspension, although the rigid torque tube was never fitted.

The production cycle of the brilliant 275 GTS was rather brief, however, and continued only until early 1966, when it was replaced by the 330 GTS. Just 200 examples of the 275 GTS were produced, most of them for right here in the American market.

Ferrari 275 GTS


Well this one looks cooler than 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. I hope the engine doesn’t fail us.

I will check that car, I remember this car on a film and thinking if its the 250 or the 275 but still 70% on the Ferrari 275. I will check the American market where I don’t know if it’s the last Ferrari Series 2. Really like the body of this car.

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