1969 - 1973 Ferrari 365 GTS4

With the Ferrari 365 GTB4 revealed at the 1968 Paris Auto Salon, the company wanted to create the "ultimate Ferrari". Proving to be a very successful model, the berlinetta was very shortly followed by a spider version.

Ferrari 365 GTS4

In 1969 at the Frankfurt Show Ferrari unveiled the 365 GTS/4, a model received enthusiastically by the public. The model was visually identical to the 365 GTB4, only the folding canvas roof and boot profile being different.

The 365 GTS4 was a very successful model, especially on the American marker where most than 10% of 365 GTB4 model were sold. The car is still considered a cult car, even if there were only 122 units produced.

The spider featured a 2400mm wheelbase chassis, with large section oval main tubes, cross bracing, and sub structures to support the body and ancillary equipment. The model was available in either right or left hand drive form. The standard road wheels were five alloy spoke "star" pattern, with a knock off spinner on a Rudge hub, although the American, and certain other market cars, had a large central nut due to legislative requirements.

Ferrari 365 GTS4

Under the hood Ferrari placed a 4,4 liter V12 engine fitted with a bank of six twin choke Weber 40 DCN20 or 21 carburettors, those of the USA market cars carrying the suffix "A", with a twin coil and rear of engine mounted distributors ignition system, with an electronic system fitted to USA market versions. The engine produced a claimed 352bhp and was fitted to a five speed transaxle mounted transmission. Most of the test drives made at that period revealed a top speed in the 170 mph area.

Ferrari 365 GTS4

In 2006 a Ferrari 365 GTs4 was auctioned for $385,000.

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