1971 - 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC4

In 1971 at the Geneva Show, Ferrari unveiled the 365 GTC4, a model that replaced two models in the range, the 365 GTC which had ceased production in 1970, and the 365 GT 2+2 that was dropped from production upon the announcement of the new model. The car was into production for less than 2 years, with 500 units being produced and most of them sold on the US market.

Ferrari 365 GTC4

The 365 GTC4 was featuring a 2+2 seating configuration, but due to its stretched chassis and a lower, sloping roofline the rear seats were not offering the best comfort. They did however have the facility of folding backs, to provide a useful luggage platform.

Ferrari offered both European and American market version, with the last one featuring a emission control equipment that sapped performance, and was recognizable by rectangular side marker lights on the front and rear wings.

The body style was very different from the models that it replaced, gone were the graceful rounded curves and the elliptical radiator grille, to be replaced by a much more angular wedge design, which was coming into vogue at the time. It had a very low nose featuring a full width black rubber front bumper that surrounded the shallow rectangular radiator grille, with rectangular driving lights and side/turn indicator light units housed in the extremities of the grille opening.

Ferrari 365 GTC4

Retractable twin headlight units were set in the flat upper nose panel between the bumper and leading edge of the full width bonnet, which had similar rectangular exhaust air outlets to those on the 365 GTB4 model. The front flowed with plain body sides into a five window cabin, in which the profile of the side glass could probably be best described as sharp teardrop shaped, which ran at a constant shallow angle through the boot lid into a neat Kamm tail.

Ferrari 365 GTC4

Triple lens rear light assemblies were mounted on either side of an inset tail panel, below which was a plain matt black bumper to balance the black rubber unit at the front of the car. The body was designed, constructed, and trimmed by Pininfarina, and then sent to Ferrari for the mechanical components to be fitted. It was constructed in steel with an aluminum bonnet and boot lid.

Ferrari 365 GTC4

The 365 GTC4 was powered by a 4,4 liter all-alloy V12 engine with a compression ratio of 8.8:1. The engine featured two Marelli distributors, four camshafts, and six Weber Weber carbs, and was able to produce 340hp at 6,800rpm and a peak torque of 318lb-ft at 4,000rpm. The engine was mated to a 5-speed with synchros for all gears.

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