1972 - 1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

In 1972 at the Paris Auto Salon Ferrari unveiled an all new series to the world. It was a fast, svelte and elegant 2+2 powered by the classic VI2 engine, known as the most expensive series produced by Ferrari for 17 years. The first model was the 365 GT4 2+2 and it was followed by the 400 and 412 series, with production ending in 1989. The 365 GT4 2+2 was produced between 1972 and 1976, with 521 units produced, in both right or left hand drive versions.

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

The bodies were built and fully trimmed at the Pininfarina works in Turin, and then shipped to the Ferrari factory in Maranello for the installation of the mechanical components.

The 365 GT4 2+2 featured a three box shape, with a large cabin glass area, clean angular lines uncluttered by adornment, giving an impression of gentile refinement, exuding an air of sporting luxury. Only the long expanse of bonnet, the discreet Ferrari badges, including a chrome plated "Cavallino Ram Ram pante" in the center of the under bumper radiator grille, and quadruple exhaust tailpipes, making any sort of power statement.

Under the hood Ferrari placed a 4.4 liter V12 unit producing 340bhp at 7000rpm - the worlds most potent full four-seater. Despite its 1450 kilos, the car sprinted from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds and was capable of a top speed of 155 mph.

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

Due to the increasingly strict legislation in the USA, and the relatively high cost of engineering solutions to meet the requirements, on a low volume production car, no American market versions were built.

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