1976 - 1981 Ferrari 512 BB

Ferrari announced in 1976 at the Paris Motor Show the 512 BB - the replacement for the 365 GT4/BB. It remained into production until 1981 when it was replaced by the 512 BBi, on which fuel injection replaced the carburettors. A total of 929 units were produced, in both right or left hand drive form, but no USA market versions were ever made.

Ferrari 512 BB

Like on the Dino models its name was referring to the total engine capacity and number of cylinders. Hence it meant a 5 liter engine with 12 cylinders. The "BB" part of the model title had the same meaning as before "Berlinetta Boxer", a reference to the two banks of six cylinders that were in a horizontally opposed layout.

Ferrari 512 BB

Compared to the 365 GT4/BB which it replaced, the 512 BB features a lower nose panel that now incorporated a chin spoiler, and at the rear the triple tail light assemblies and triple exhaust pipes gave way to large twin circular lenses and paired twin exhaust pipes.

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The 512 BB was built on a 2500mm wheelbase chassis and featured a tubular steel chassis frame with a monocoque central cell.

Ferrari 512 BB

Under the hood Ferrari placed a 5,0 liter flat twelve cylinder engine with 82mm x 78mm bore and stroke. The 512 BB was fitted with four triple choke Weber 40 IF 3C carburettors, with a single distributor, driven off the left rear inlet camshaft and electronic ignition system. The total output was of 360 hp, while top speed went out to 302 km/h (187 mph).

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