1994 - 1996 Ferrari F512M

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When Ferrari set about creating a replacement for the Berlinetta Boxer, a V12 engine, high performance, style and exemplary design were assumed.

Ferrari dictated that luxury and practicality befitting the world’s premier production sports car were also to be encompassed. Even as the Testarossa exerted a pull on the hearts and minds of car lovers, not to mention designers, Ferrari did not sit on their laurels. 1984’s Testarossa evolved into the 512TR of 1991 and the F512M of 1995. With each evolution the styling, interior, and drivetrain were enhanced in a car that was always capable of speeds exceeding 180 mph, accelerated to 60 mph in under 5 seconds, and attained 0.9G lateral acceleration.


In 1995 the 512 TR became the F512M. Aerodynamics again drove styling changes including a new integrated nose cap with trapezoidal indicator and parking lights above separate round fog lights. Fixed homofocal headlights were mounted behind lexan. The car’s undertray was again redesigned for improved airflow, and round Ferrari tail lights replaced the original square units.


The F512M’s engine was even lighter than the 512 TR’s, with most reduction coming internally through forged aluminum pistons, titanium connecting rods, and a revised crankshaft. The combustion chambers were reshaped, and the exhaust system was redesigned. The F512M offers 432bhp at 6750rpm and 367lbs-ft at 5500rpm.


The interior of the F512M did not change radically from that of the 512 TR, although optional racing seats seats were offered. A small storage bin was added ahead of the console, and the console itself was more fully covered in leather. Aluminum replaced plastic for the spherical knob atop the gear shifter. A new three spoke Momo steering wheel was introduced, its rim a little thicker, and the inner rim between around the upper spokes made of carbon fiber rather than leather. The driver’s pedals were replaced by adjustable ones of drilled aluminum.

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