2007 Ferrari 575 GTZ by Zagato

Coachbuilder Zagato has released two images of the Ferrari 575 GTZ, based on the 575 Maranello. The car is being built for Yoshiyuki Hayashi, a famous Japanese car collector, who owns several Ferraris such as the 166MM, the 250 Spider California, two Daytonas - a coupé and a spider - and the Enzo.


Like its forebear, the Ferrari 575 GTZ has an all-aluminium body, and, as a tribute to Ferrari and to two-seater Italian sports cars, it has joined the exclusive group of cars that are the fruit of the tradition of custom-built cars.

Like the 250 GTZ, it sports two-tone paintwork with styling cues and volumes that explicitly refer back to the 1950s, and sublimates the character of the many cars built by Zagato to clothe original engineering, with the pure style of traditional sports cars.

For Zagato, the project represented an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GTZ of 1956, one of the most outstanding GT cars, which has already gone down in history.

The model, which was also commissioned by a gentleman driver and collector, in the best Zagato tradition, is a sublime synthesis of prestige and performance, elegance and sportiness, to the point that it can boast the highest value of any car in the luxury period sports car market. The 250 GTZ has won numerous competitions and concours d’élégance, and it represents a dream come true, because experts and fans consider it one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

The new 575 GTZ has the Ferrari prancing horse on its bonnet and the Z of Zagato on its side, an expression of eternal Italian excellence in its form and content. It is a winning combination, linking the most powerful, famous engineering in the world with the most refined, fascinating sporting style, both made strictly in Italy.

The concept of sporty elegance, functional design that does not merely follow the trend of the moment but strives for pure performance, and the ultra-light aluminium body are Zagato’s strengths which become a universally recognised value.

Just as in the 1956, the 250 GTZ was showed at the most important concours d’elegance, 50 years later, the 575 GTZ will be presented in a world premier at Villa D’Este Concours D’Elegance, Cernobbio (Italy) April 22-24.


Im sorry but are we trying to make it look like a Jag!!! nope, this is not the Ferrari look Im use to.

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