2007 Ferrari 612 Sessanta

Ferrari 612 Sessanta is based on the body of the 612 Scaglietti introduced during the Geneva Motor-Show 2007, and thus comes with the full enhancement package used for the latter. It is available only with F1 gearbox and provides the following features.

Special contents:

Exterior colours
The sixty cars shall be available alternatively in the following exterior colours:

  • Two-colour special style:
    • Grigio scuro (Colori Classici ’50-’60) / Nero with grigio scuro side line
    • Rubino Micalizzato / Nero Daytona with Rubino Micalizzato side line.

The following special colour features are added as well:

  • Special colour of underbody black in technical black
  • Colour treatment of the front headlight and rear bumper details in silver.
Ferrari 612 Sessanta

Exterior contents

  • Electro-chromic panoramic roof panel with three transparency positions
  • New monolithic and forged 19”/19” wheel rims
  • Specific wheel cups
  • Radiator grill with specific painted frame
  • Chromium-plated rear grids with black chromed special exhaust pipes
  • "612 Sessanta" emblem on front fender

Interior colours
Interiors are featured by a single-colour environment, with slightly contrasting stitching. Two choices are available.

  • New Natural leather, “Terra Bruciata” coloured (exclusive colour on 612 Sessanta), including:
    • Marrone carpets
    • Interior details in Grigio Scuro (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate)
    • Black seat belts
    • Terra Bruciata colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part

Those interiors are exclusively available with Grigio Scuro / Nero livery.
New Natural leather Charcoal coloured, including:

  • Grigio Scuro carpets
  • Interior details in Rubino Micalizzato (dash cross member, door panel details, tunnel plate)
  • Grigio seat belts
  • Charcoal colour for steering wheel, dashboard, rear shell, and upper interior part
Ferrari 612 Sessanta

Those interiors are exclusively available with Rubino Micalizzato / Nero Daytona livery.

Interior content

  • Steering wheel with three-position Manettino and Engine Start button
  • Exclusive upholstery style for seats, door panels and rear sides
  • Specific central tunnel upholstered and fully equipped, with 2 cup-holding compartments and rear handles
  • Four pockets on door panels, two of them closed
  • Specially-styled instrument cluster
  • Unique plate celebrating the 60-year anniversary on F1 gearbox plate
  • Leather upholstered and equipped boot

Further contents

  • CCM braking system with black calipers
  • Bose Media System
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • TV Tuner
  • Cruise Control

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