2007 Ferrari FXX Millechili

Ferrari will unveil today in Maranello the first supercar designed to reconcile the conflicting demands of a high-performance sports car fit for a caring, sharing eco age.

Source: CarMagazine

There are no photos of the concept yet, called FXX Millechili, but we know it will be pointing to the eco technologies destined for future supercars.

According to Car Magazine, Ferrari has announced the full details of a new programme designed to make all cars bearing the Prancing Horse cleaner, leaner and greener.

Ferrari FXX Millechili

All we know about this new concept is that it looks like a shrunken Enzo.

The FXX Millechili Concept is a reaction to pressures to clamp down on fuel economy and emissions, especially in Europe and the US.

The future Ferrari will have a smaller capacity engine capable of runing on E80 bioethanol fuel. Transmissions will also be smaller and lighter. Also the aerodynamics will be modified. Ferrari is currently working with Imperia Imperia l College London on an advanced active aerodynamics system that involves using air pumps to push air over and under the car.

All this changes will come starting 2017 probably.


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