2010 - 2013 Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

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The Ferrari 458 Italia is one model that doesn’t really need any upgrades in our opinion. Vorsteiner doesn’t seem to agree with us, as it has unveiled a pretty comprehensive aesthetic kit for the Italian supercar. Dubbed the 458-V, this Italia wears a yellow coat and comes with plenty of carbon-fiber elements.

The tuner prepared an aerodynamic kit that includes a new add-on front spoiler, a rear deck lid spoiler, a rear diffuser package with extended aero fins and a carbon-fiber rear fog lamp housing.

The tuner offers the package with a set of VS-110 wheels sized 20 or 21 inches sizes and in a number of finishes.

Vorsteiner is apparently rather happy with the Italia’s output, as this kit offers no upgrades for the stock 4.5-liter V-8 engine, leaving the output at 562 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque. This helps sprint the Italian supercar to 60 mph in under 3.4 seconds and up to a top speed in excess of 202 mph.

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Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner in Detail

Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

The add-on front spoiler is made in carbon fiber and was specially designed to direct more air in the engine’s radiator located in the front end of the vehicle and to further enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

The package continues with a rear deck lid spoiler designed add a little extra downforce without impeding on the sexy backside of the Italia. The new rear diffuser helps reduce lift, plus it features a vent to allow the ambient heat from the exhaust system to exit the underside of the car. To help the Italia accommodate this new diffuser, Vorsteiner also includes revised, carbon-fiber rear fog light housing

Press Release

Ferrari being synonymous with performance is at the pinnacle of sport car excellence. The performance-oriented efficiency of this vehicle has inspired our design and development team to create the perfect tuning package that compliments the purity, simplicity, and technology of the 458 Italia named the 458-V.

Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

At the nose of the Ferrari, we start with an add-on front spoiler that sculpts to the contours of the vehicle. The reason behind this design is to assist in directing air into the engine’s radiator located in the front end of the vehicle. This carbon fiber component assures that it is produced to have superior strength and durability in a lightweight part that improves performance. The design of the front spoiler is to have a profile that is practical for everyday use and enhance the performance of the vehicle.

To balance the front end, we have developed a rear decklid spoiler to be a lightweight non-obtrusive way to match the front end. The design comes from using the latest technologies at our disposal and the development stems from years of experience with high performance vehicles.

Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

To work in conjunction with the rear spoiler is the rear diffuser package. The low ground clearance of the vehicle created a challenge to our design and development team which was answered with this component. The result was to raise the diffuser bridge of to allow for taller aero fins without compromising everyday drivability. This design also created an opportunity to add a lower rear vent to dissipate heat created by the component in the rear end like the exhaust. Included with the rear diffuser package is the carbon fiber rear fog lamp housing to accommodate the new diffuser bridge element.

Ferrari 458-V Italia by Vorsteiner

As an option, we have our range of forged aluminum monoblock such as the popular VS-110 wheels to complete the package. These wheels are perfectly customized for the 458 and designed to minimize unsprung weight and improve vehicle handling and performance. The VS-110 is also tailor made to retain the Ferrari center cap and is available in 20 and 21 inches in various finishes to match the vehicle.

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