2010 Ferrari 599 GTO

Not too long ago Ferrari announced plans to resurrect the Gran Turismo Omologato moniker with a special edition 599 Fiorano. The super very special 599 GTO will be unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show with a scheduled production run of only 500 units, each priced at around half a million dollars each. This will be the first time that the Italian automaker has used the GTO badge since the F40 super car inspiring 288 GTO .

The 599 GTO will be a road going version of the Ferrari Corse Clienti special, the Ferrari 599XX . Through the extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber, essentially dropping about 300 pounds from the GT car, bringing the curb weight down to 1450 kilograms. Meanwhile the high revving 6.0 Liter V12 will be tuned to deliver somewhere between 680 HP and 700 HP making the future 599 GTO a real beast that will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in only 3.2 seconds and gallop all the way to a 217 MPH top speed.

Source: EVO


The design is super. It’s one of the most magnificent creation from Ferrari. It’s superiority in engine is one of the reason why it’s one of the best car.

Cooler to the most cooler. It’s a must have car. Great design and everything else follow to the way of greatness. Ferrari rules.

@memphisroyce: I love the supercars on video games, but today those cars in video games that have top speed like an airplane or something, are starting to came true and became available in the market.

this ferrari is a must have in your sports car collection. Aside from the red devil color of ferarri, the performance and the speed of the car is really over the top!

Dazzling red, this is the trademark of Ferrari cars. I can’t imagine one in different color. I would be granted with a car, definitely I’ll go for this one.

i think the famous red color of ferrari, really makes their car hot and it really fits the design of the car.

It’s nice to dream about cars we know we’ll never own so let’s add this Ferrari 599 GTO and place it right at the top! It might get rough though because Ferrari is reportedly only going to produce 500 of these bad boy.

The stats looks great for a sprint time of 3.2 seconds, very impressive on this special edition of 599 GTO. In fairness to them, Ferrari people are that confident to release 500 units like it’s not that expensive at all. It’s almost half a million dollars but yeah I can take it for a performance like that.

that is just the 599 xx car..like the enzo fxx cars.. it is a limited run of cars that public buy into and can only drive on track, but Ferrari look after them and service and set them up. all in the name of R&R for Ferrari or so i think.

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