2010 Ferrari F430 by Status Design

Status Design, a Russian tuning firm, has unveiled a styling and performance package for the Ferrari F430 , proving that a car with that much power as it is can still be tweaked to give it even more boost. Overkill? Perhaps, but that’s how Russia rolls, right? Give them a vacuum cleaner and they won’t waste a minute putting some rocket boosters in it.

But we’re digressing. To be honest, we actually love what Status Design has done with this F430 using their SU35 kit. For starters, they gave the supercar’s already powerful 4.3-liter V8 engine a recalibrated engine control unit and an off-the-wall exhaust, which spikes up the car’s overall power to 525 horsepower with a top speed of over 200 mph. For those who think that figure’s still a little on the turtlish side, Status Design will be offering these whack jobs a supercharging kit courtesy of Novitec , which boosts the F430’s power to an eye-popping 700 horsepower.

As for aesthetics, the SU35 package comes with an integrated carbon lip with a rear bumper and a rear wing made from carbon fiber. Speaking of carbon fiber, the SD-tuned F430 has loads of it all over the car. In addition to the wing, there’s also more of the material in the mirrors, side skirts, rear wing, and hood.

Like what you see here by Status Design? Well check out the BMW X6 they featured a couple weeks ago. These guys seem to know what they are doing.

Source: Carscoop


I like the car design. Simple style of car but the design is great. The hood color black is good to combine the color red.

Looking at these pics, I think this car is a little too over-done (but not horribly so) for my tastes... and at the same time, I am reminded how gorgeous the regular F430, especially compared to most of Ferrari’s current offerings.

I have to disagree, although the 430 is a thing of beauty, the new 458 is simply breathtaking.

I’m a fan of stock super cars, as they usually spare few expenses and are normally done right the first time. This however is tastefully styled and seems every bit as awesome as the regular F430. But I can’t say it’s better out of respect for Ferrari :P

It actually detracts from the original statement the F430 makes on its own.

I’m a fan of stock supercars, as they usually spare few expenses and are normally done right the first time.

I don’t like the combination of Red and black Carbon, I LOVE IT. impressive design it stunned me on my first glance on it.

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