2011 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning

The Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlineta is one of the most unique cars on the market, fetching an astounding $4.3 million at the RM Auctions in March 2011. That princely sum is justified considering the 340 Mexico only consists of three different chassis, each built exclusively for the 1952 Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico. One of these units, chassis number 0224 AT driven by Luigi Chinetti, was successful in crossing the finish lane in third place behind two Mercedes 300SL Gullwing models and this is the car GWA Tuning has chosen to celebrate with a tributary model.

Using a Ferrari 456 platform as a base, GWA Tuning was able to bring the classic 340 Mexico Berlinetta to modern times. This 456 platform was re-bodied by Coach Building master, Mark Nungent, from Australia. The body was then fixed up with a new diffuser, rear spoiler, side vents, and front splitters, all from newer Ferraris. The body was also stretched by about 15 inches (mostly in the middle) to fit the new platform, but the wheelbase remained the same.

More details on the tributary Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning after the jump.


Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning

The interior also received a refreshed makeover with carbon fiber seats, a new roll bar, a special luggage set, chronometers, and many other details that refresh the look, while maintaining its original appearance.


Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning

As far as power goes, the original 340 Mexico Berlinetta was powered by a 280 HP 4.1 liter V12 engine, but modern times call for modern measures so the tuner switched it up for a 5.4 liter V12 engine with an output of 476 HP at 6300 rpm. GWA Tuning then added a new exhaust system with special free flow air filters, but kept the original six speed manual transmission. The brake calipers, rotors, and other such components were also changed, but replaced with original Ferrari parts from newer models. The suspension was then modified to ride lower and stiffer than the original. All of these changes were rounded out with old school 18" five spoke wheels with a spinner cap to cover the lug nuts.

Wrapping It Up

Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning

Only three of the Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta models were produced back in 1952, but even more rare is this tuned up model: GWA Tuning is only making one unit. That is, of course, unless a customer specifically requests another copy. After all, money does talk.

Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta by GWA-Tuning


I love this vintage car! And it also looks like a vehicle of our generation. I like the red paint that was put on it. The angst of the car showed up.

I love this vintage vehicle! Well, although it only looks so outdated on its platform, it still looks very classy and sophisticated. Moreover, it’s a good thing that it has a powerful engine.

It looks so outdated on its platform but still looking very appealing! Anyway, I’m glad that they also use an impressive and powerful engine for this vehicle, which gives me an idea that it is fun to drive with!

One of the most unique classic car? Well, that will do the description of Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta. I think $4.3 million is not enough for this car. It deserves much cost rather than that amount. But someone who owns this must really rich and a classic car collector.

It seems bulky on its back part, but I love every angle of this Ferrari 340, and I must say that it is already striking on its sleek body paint, and I was so impressed with its powerful engine.

this car looks like a revision of an old Ferrari car that can beat competitors in the market, this looks fantastic specially on vintage car lover.

I can say that this looked like a techno classic car, how great they combine details. I even like the furnishing of the car to took stunning looking outside and its bumper are totally well done.

2011 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta has 476 horse power at 6300 rpm this enough performance for the style of the car.

It kinda reminds me of the Cadillac Ciel concept, Something between an an old movie and a cartoons hero car. But impressive in any way!

Ferrari has incredibly restored this vehicle! I really love seeing their vintage car for it was use as the basis for future production. The red paint job look so awesome on Ferrari car! However, too bad that the v12 technology here produce a less power output.

 Honestly, I was amazed in the heritage of the Ferrari. There are a lot of vintage cars that were modified and released by them. This really shows on how legendary was this car manufacturer. I just like looking at these vehicles for it were the vehicle where the modern car was based.

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