2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Black Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany

The Ferrari 458 Italia is not the only Ferrari model to caught Anderson Germany attention. If their first package was based on the California , their next step was the 599 GTB Fiorano and now the 458. And keeping the same trend with all their latest packages, the kit for the Italia model is called Black Carbon Edition.

As it name suggest the 458 Italia Black Carbon Edition combines a black exterior paint with carbon fiber insertions and the exterior mirrors, rear diffused, air inlets and of course the new set of wheels. As for the interior, black leather and Alcantara is combined with carbon fiber inserts.

As for the power upgrade, thanks to the addition of a new exhaust system and an ECU recalibration, the 4.5 Liter V8 engine will now deliver an impressive 623 HP, quite an impressive update over the standard 570 HP. However, the tuner said nothing about the performances upgrades, but don’t expect a significant improvement over the standard 202 mph.


What a lovely car! I like the aggressiveness of this car though I don’t like the full black paint job for the interior for I think it hides the small detail of this car. It looks like a camouflage!

Yes! It is indeed distinctive appearance that will surely suit your needs. But i don’t like the overall sort of style it looks so mysterious and yet aggressive looks.

I simply like it! It look so decent and neat. Plus,the performance of the car is impressive! If i have the money I would definitely buy this car.

Anderson Germany made an amazing job for the Ferrari Italia. It has a powerful performance and great tuning package.

Well, Honestly, I’m not interested anymore on Ferrari Italia since the Ferrari FF is already here. BTW, I like the accessories and the added tuners!

One of the most beautiful car ever built, seamless that’s made to perfection. Hmm, but are they sure nothing bad will happen now, specially the fire incidents.

I would say that I’m quite amazed with the engine performance of the car and the body kit. I’m really like the modification on the exterior as well as the paint job!

I think the information and the introduction for the 458 Italia is kind of unsatisfying. I want more power and upgrade in the interior.

Unless they are planning on turning this one into a drag racing car, I think that the added boost would be pretty useless. The standard Italia engine is already as powerful as it is.

Well, even though some might think that the engine didn’t get enough boost, it is still a good one. Those extra hp would really get you going.

Yeah, I agree that this car has an amazing exterior and pain job. However, I was a bit disappointed on the engine performance of the car, 600 hp is less power for a V8 technology.

Honestly, i was admiring the paint job of this car! And the whole package is so beautiful that it will leave you drooling while looking at it! BTW, i f i have the money I would definitely buy one.

Well, what can I say, this is one sleek looking car. Definitely much better than the standard Italia. But I think they could have done a bit more with the performance upgrades.

Those wheels really look stunning in black. And I am definitely loving how they did the rear end of the car car, it just flows smoothly from there.

It looks stunning with its black exteriors. The smooth wave like design melds nicely with the color and the upgrade also promises a winner. Great work folks.

Yay, an all black Italia, haven’t seen one of these for a long time now. Pretty good work by Anderson Germany. Great performance upgrades too.

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