2011 Ferrari 458 Italia by Specialty Car Craft

Amongst the many European tuners taking a crack at modifying the Ferrari 458 Italia , only a minuscule number of US tuners exist. For whatever reason, Americans tend to want to leave the Ferrari alone and bide their time making over our hometown muscle cars. That being said, Specialty Car Craft has done what only very few have by preparing a small tuning package for the Italian thoroughbred. Don’t expect any modifications to be found under the hood because, well, SCC just isn’t that crazy.

What you will find is a number of small exterior modifications that alter the look of the vehicle just enough to call it complete. Covering the full outside of the car is a black exterior paint job that spreads even to the pieces that were originally chrome; they are now covered in black chrome. The sportier wheels are now painted in a gunmetal gray and are highlighted with newly painted yellow brake calipers.

This particular 458 Italia was created upon request from a customer, proving that the man has fine taste when it comes to his automobiles. The sports car is powered by the standard 4,499 cc V8 engine that delivers a total of 570 HP at 9,000 rpm and a peak torque of 398 lb-ft at 6000 rpm. This power, plus the exquisite exterior modifications, results in a car that will make every American fall for an Italian.

Source: Dirkap


This 458 Italia really looks cool on its sleek body paint! Moreover, I still noticed that it was oozing with aggressiveness, which is very noticeable on it. It’s a good thing as well that it has an impressive engine.

It will surely look better and impressive if they use a V10 or V12 engine on this 458 Italia. Anyway, I must say that I’m still quite satisfied on its V8 engine. Moreover, I love the angst that this one has.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia has 570 horse power at 9,000 RPM and V8 engine. If this car has a V12 engine, I think this car is so fast so remarkable to us.

Ferrari 458 Italia has 570 horse power @ 9,000 RPM. This is enough for this kind of race car. This one of the best Lamborghini car.

I think they will, Dracoly Lee. Its horsepower is promising with a V8 engine. The CSS Tuning Company really made a wonderful job upon making this one. Very fascinating.

hmm. I was wondering since this is already sold out for the next three years are they planning to make a continuous aftermarket version for this car?

Well, I have to say that I’m impressed with the speed performance of the car. And it seems that its still using the v8 technology but then the power output is still impressive.

Hmm, that’s a good point. If I were a customer of this tuning shop, I would probably do minimal changes on the body work. What I would want to focus on is the engine performance.

Well, if the customer has all the dough here, they can really get the settings that they want for the Italia. I really can’t imagine what I would come up with if I have the money.

Well, if that’s the case, then it is a good thing. Imagine that, they will be able to set up the Italia in the way that you wish. Of course, that one will certainly cost a lot of moolah.

I would really say that black is much better for the Italia than red, makes it look more menacing. But I wish they have added more power to it to complete the look.

Well,to be frank for aftermarket version I was looking forward for upgrade in the engine rather than on the exterior especially when the car has a good look already! However,
the creation of the SSC is not bad at all.

As expected any work done on the Italia will always result in a great looking car, and this one is certainly no exception and black is definitely one of the best colors for this one.

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