2011 Ferrari 458 Italia by Wheelsandmore

Typically, we tend to believe that Ferrari models are just about perfect straight from the factory, and that any changes made by any experienced tuners would strip away the beauty of the vehicle. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and today’s exception comes in the form of a Ferrari 458 Italia tuned by the very same guys that brought us the modified F430 earlier. Wheelsandmore have taken the Italian sports car and have done what they do best: add just a little something to spice it up.

The first little touch to the 458 Italia seems to be the same exhaust system that was added to the F430. This new exhaust system adds an extra 20hp, bringing the total up to 590. Some extra flair was also added in the form of a new set of 20" forged wheels, with 21"wheels available upon request.

This is a pretty simple package for the 458 Italia and, although it adds a nice touch to the sports car, we still prefer the package done by Fabspeed a couple of months ago. This package gets the 458 up to 630hp with a few different additions. A faster car always trumps a slower one.

Source: Wheelsandmore


I wonder if Wheelsandmore has plan in modifying the current version of the car. Aside from the updated exterior its a great thing that it offers an engine upgrade.

I don’t like the styling of the Italia here! The front look so hideous. However, the speed performance of the car is great just like the current production.

Wow! Im really looking for more on Ferrari 458! I think it has already surpass its successor the 430. However, I find the bonnet looks the same with Lamborghini but i have to admit that back with more aggressive and sportier look!

here are 14 points of departure, among them Beverly Hills or Palm Springs, California; Miami; Atlanta and Dallas.

Out of the 14 points of departure, Atlanta was NOT included among them. Gee, thanks for getting my hopes up Laura.

I know if I dropped 240k on a 458 and it burned to the grown within a couple months, I would be trying to get my money back... perhaps that’s why Ferrari has already hired a law firm to deal with the NHTSA.

Ok, greedy American lawyers, get to work. Now, you can sue Ferrari for some more millions if you get nothing out of Toyota, or even if you already got something from Toyota, I am sure you don’t mind getting more.

why would you call them a lazy tuner? IMO their design and tunes are great and unique I wonder why you hate them so much.

I think that a hard top convertible would be awesome but I think ferrari should raise the horsepower levels so that the spyder has the same power to weight ratio as the coupe heck a little more would be great that way the spyder would be a better buy too!

It Seems like the car’s 4.5 liters V8 was pleased by the move, as the engine is now willing to offer a premium of 20 hp power, allowing the driver to play with 590 hp.

The added security of a hrad top has enticed BMW, and other such brands to employ it. Thus, with the preservation of the cars lined considered when the top is up a hard top makes sense. However, with it being a Ferreri it would not make much difference.

This is yet again proved by the guys at Wheelsandmore. They just took the already fierce 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia and did the best to spice it up.

If there was an award for the laziest tuner in the world, Wheelsandmore could be considered as one of the top five nominees! Staying loyal to their name, WheelsAndMore,

It looks so small because it’s on black, sport cars are actually very small and on this one the paint is not helping. I think this might be the first Ferrari that I see in black. It’s good looking but not a suited color for this kind of car. Just an experiment.

Perfect and elegant. Just a girls car even if it’s black!

It has some nice new elements, however the shot as it is now, makes the car look like a flatten shoe.

Ferrari cars from the factory as I have seen, have a huge percent of exploded in flames engines, and I believe this is not because stupid drivers but mostly due the engine flaws smiley

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