2011 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

Now that a GT version of the Ferrari 458 Italia is expected to take the reigns from the Ferrari 430 GT in the upcoming ALMS season, a lot of people in the automotive and racing industry have been waiting for quite some time to see a glimpse of the GT-spec 458 Italia in action. Jon Sibal even gave us a very detailed rendering of what he thought the 458 GT would look like when Ferrari finally lifts the covers off of the race car.

But after months of waiting, we can finally let out a little exhale as a prototype version of the 458 GT was spotted recently doing some test runs inside Ferrari’s Fiorano race track in Maranello, Italy.

Not that we care about the timeline of development for the 458 GT. As far as we’re concerned, we’re just happy to see visual proof of the car – prototype or not – playing in its natural habitat: the race track.

Updated 12/14/2010: Someone who goes by the name ILikeFastCars1 - yeah, us too - has just added a new video showing the 458 Italia GT2 testing around the Fiorano test track. Hit the jump to check it out!

Updated 01/26/2011: TeamSpeed has posted some new images of the GT racer version of the 458 Italia, which has yet to make its public debut. Oops! Check out the gallery to see them all!

Details after the jump.

Source: Jon Sibal

Exterior and Interior

Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

As far as initial reactions go, we couldn’t help but notice just how bad-ass the 458 GT prototype looks, especially those angry yellow endurance-racing headlights that seem to look meaner and more and more menacing every time we look at them. Other pertinent features of the prototype that caught our attention are the flared fenders, as well as the vented hood that looks to be – at least from this angle – a little more rounded than the standard version. We also noticed that the car’s front splitter is still noticeably absent, proving that this prototype could very well still be in its early ages. Lastly, there’s also three-piece racing wheels on the prototype 458 GT2. Can’t forget about that.


Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

As per ACO regulations, the 458 Italia GT2 will only be limited to 470 horsepower, which is about 100 less than the road-going 458 Italia and about 30 horsepower down on its predecessor, the F430 GT2. The 458 Italia GT2 also has a six-speed paddle-shift transmission.

Ferrari 458 GT Rendering by JMV Design


Last we checked, the racing prototype still doesn’t have a price tag.

Ferrari 458 Italia GT2


With regulations putting a cap on how a car’s performance does, the FIA GT Championship usually puts a premium on the driver’s skill more than anything else. Having said that, the new 458 Italia GT2 still has its fair share of adversaries in the racing series, including the Aston Martin DBR9 , the Corvette C6 , and the Maserati MC12 .

The Ferrari 458 Italia, despite its propensity to burst into flame, is one of our favorite cars of all time for a multitude of reasons. The new GT2 racing variant spotted just builds on what makes the production car great.

Ferrari 458 Italia GT Concept by JMV


I opposite RMR layout of Ferrari why in fact RMR with V8 is not good exotic supercar can explosive. If Lambo and Audi R8 are mid engine is not RMR. they are good layout M4 is mid engine four wheel drive with V8 or V10.

This car looks like the result of a selfish Mexican that worked extra shifts building homes, made too much money and forgot to send it back to his family in Mexico.

Can’t wait to see what Team Risi Ferrari does with these cars on the track. Sebring can’t get here soon enough! Didn’t Corvette win Le Mans AND FIA GT3 this year? 458 Schmore five eight.

Compared to any other gt2 car THIS ONE IS UGLY! I would rather drive another gt2 car than this.

Those of you whom say this car is ugly cheap usless and stupid are idiots. Its a ferrari! most of you would probably jump in one instantly if you had the opportunity. SO SHUT THE HELL UP.

Wow, this is uglier than the street car.

carbon fiber isn’t cheap. race cars tend to have a more "hollow" or less substantial look to them because they tend to be a lot of empty space surrounded by carbon fiber. Say what you will about it, but there is nothing plastic or cheap about that car.

At least Ferrari put the rear wing on properly - right side up and facing forward, at a functional angle of attack.

oh well another gas drinker sports vehicle is on testing to sell over the market. like many other say it looks awful.

I’m sorry everyone! It just popped out and that’s what I saw! I think that old Taurus had such an offensive look that it triggers my mind like I’m shell shocked from Vietnam or something. It’s a great looking car, it’s just got that... that.... that... .sigh....

huh? how can you say that? ferrari is expensive because of its technology and interior. how can u say that you found out that its cheap? i guess you have no taste in car.

My opinion is based more off the materials. I understand they need the body to be as light as possible, but that looks like cheap plastic you’d find on a low end 90’s import. On some parts it looks like you could kick it and the piece would crack off with ease.

looks more like a plastic lantern to me, because of the headlamps. Also the feaking body looks not that smoth to deal with tremendous air drag.

I think that old Taurus had such an offensive look that it triggers my mind like I’m shell shocked from Vietnam or something. It’s a great looking car, it’s just got that... that.... that... .sigh....

You are so wrong, the roof is the best looking part about the car. I hate the way all roofs on all new cars have the ar+panel look, from minivan
to aston martin.

I like it, tho I can’t figure out how the driver sees ahead with that much of the windshield blacked out.

This is the biggest crime of racers: they copied the fully functional looks of real race cars and made those "body kits" so common that the original, functional look now appears to be "just a cheap body kit". I am saddened.

wow the JMV design looks stunningly beautiful and aggressive, I wonder how much does it costs to tune such Italia.

I like it, tho I can’t figure out how the driver sees ahead with that much of the windshield blacked out.

I really hate the Front end of the car, it looks awful insect to me. specially the yellow lenses.

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