2011 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Anderson Germany

In early 2011, we saw what Anderson Germany could do when they put their hands on a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano . Impressive, to say the least.

But it turns out, they’ve got more up their sleeves with the Italian super car, particularly a refreshed interior that’s a lot flashier than what was done the first time around.

The exterior look of the car remains virtually the same, specifically the Hamann carbon fiber bodykit that was fitted to go with a plush new set of 21" glossy black wheels with red trim. Inside the car is where it’s a lot different. While the previous version came with a black/red interior, the new project has been dressed with a combination of quilted red leather and black carbon leather that’s further accentuated by matching red stitching. To ensure that the Ferrari supercar is as light as it can be, Anderson Germany also provided some carbon fiber on the gear shift, door handles, door sills, and center console.

Under the hood, Anderson Germany increased the output of the 599 GTB Fiorano from the version they released in March 2011. Thanks to a new ECU software and a custom sports exhaust system, the German tuning company managed to ratchet up the output of the Ferrari’s 6.0-liter V12 engine to 674 horsepower - FYI: the first version hit 650 horsepower - up from the standard model’s 620-horsepower output.


This Ferrari aside from doing well on a silky red, it was also stunning on a glossy black paint. The wheels are good and very sporty. That’s why Ferrari remains on the top as the luxurious and fastest super cars. 

Definitely a good-looking car, and it is so unique on its platform. The body paint that they used gives some decency on its look.

Black car in the house! I like this car and I want to see this car in live performance.

What a striking car by Anderson Germany! Haha. Its glossy black body paint can really caught the attention of many many. Well, what I really adore about this Ferrari car is its black and red wheels, which I found truly suited on it.

I don’t like the mixture of color that they use on its interior. It looks old on that. Anyway, when it comes into its exterior, I can say that it is absolutely very appealing on its style and design.

I love the design on its front hood it looks more aggressive on that! Moreover, its 21" glossy black wheels with red trim only make this vehicle look perfect! Good thing as well that it has an impressive engine.

Ferrari 599 really has an awesome and perfect packaged for a sports vehicle! smiley its exterior is very noticeable on its aggressiveness and on the angst of its exotic platform, good thing either that they justify that.

V12 engine is really so awesome for this Ferrari vehicle, which also gives me an idea that it is fun to drive with on that powerful generator! Moreover, I love the angst of this one!

Its cool exterior design is perfectly matched by its luxury sporty interior, which is so amazing on it! I’m also impressed with its V12 engine that can deliver a nice output of 674 horsepower.

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