2011 Ferrari California 'Dreamin' by Wheelsandmore

We don’t know if this was what the Mamas and the Papas were talking about when they released their hit, California Dreaming, but this latest tuning package from Wheelsandmore would definitely warm us up on a Winter’s day. Apparently, the German tuner thought they could do better than Ferrari by tweaking this California’s engine, along with its exterior look, to come up with their California ’Dreamin’ package.

The ’Dreamin’ package starts off with a new removable, valve controlled exhaust system and an update to the ecu software of the 4,300 cc V8 Direct Injection engine. These changes boost power to 500 hp and 525 lb-ft of torque, up from the standard 460 hp and 357 lb/ft of torque. Other technical additions include an optional combination of 200 cell sports catalysts and premuffler replacement tubes, handcrafted by Wheelsandmore.

The California ’Dreamin’ package continues on the exterior with aerodynamic and design packages. These packages include lacquered selected serial parts and a double-line black race stripe, black plasma coated end tips, and discreet carbon elements at the front- and rear bumper. Other additions include side skirts and a carbon boot lid spoiler. The final touch was provided by a new set of 3-piece forged wheels (size 9.0x21” at the front and 12.5x21”) wrapped around S1Evo barrels from Hankook (245/30/21” tires at the front and 345/25/21” tires at the rear). The Ferrari California was also dropped by about 40mm with special lowering springs.


Its name itself is very suited on the exterior appearance of this vehicle! smiley Moreover, its engine upgrade is really great on this Ferrari California, which gives me an idea that it is so fun to drive with on that.

Wheelsandmore is one of the best tuning companies. And I think they just give on what the people really wanted! The boost in the performance and modified detailing of the car is quite impressive!

Ferrari California would be one of the most impressive and luxurious car models of Ferrari. It seems that Wheelsandmore has offered too much on this package! Aside from the updated exterior, it’s a good thing that they have offered an engine upgrade as well. 

This Dreamin concept of Wheelsandmore makes no difference with its other concept like the Italian Stallion. The color and the engine performance are almost the same. Wheelsandmore must think for other designs.

Nice coupe Ferrari got there. At first I thought it was a Porsche or Audi but I was wrong. I love the contrast of Black and White color on this one.

Upon loading this page, I thought this one was a wedding car. It looks so luxurious and elegant. I hope wedding organizers could invest this one and offer it on their package.

The aerodynamic kit offered in this car is quite impressive plus its speed performance. Wheelsandmore have made an awesome modification and upgrade for the California! BTW, is just me or this car is somewhat similar to the Maserati car.

WOW! The design and platform of this car is extremely cool and aggressive compare to their previous work! I want to praise the Wheelsandmore for making it quite drooling for everyone!I think this car looks more handsome compare to the 458 Italia.

i think this car is mad hot yo. the black wheels compliment the black tint, and stripes

Why is it that I feel that black wheels are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly?? Could it be that Im 64??

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