2011 Ferrari California "Surfista Silver Star" by DMC

While there doesn’t appear to be anything "regular" about a Ferrari California , it’s also important to know that tuning companies like DMC can still take something as "regular" as this Italian supercar and turn it into a monstrous piece of carbon fiber mayhem.

The Dusseldorf-based tuning company has come out with special aerodynamic and performance upgrades that would make any fan of the Prancing Horse drool with envy. Heck, they even have a pretty slick name for it: the Surfista Silver Star!

The program carries plenty of carbon fiber as DMC made sure to use the expensive material on the body kit, including a new silver carbon fiber splitter on the front, one that improves downforce at high speeds. In addition to that, DMC also added a sliver carbon fiber rear diffuser that minimizes the upforce on the rear axle, a new carbon fiber apron, new carbon fiber side skirts, and a new set of 21" and 22" wheels courtesy of ADV1 Wheels.

On the engine front, DMC modified the California’s 4,297 cc V8 engine by using a turbo-loader with physically enlarged injection nozzles and adding a new tailor made crankshaft and a new exhaust system that’s made of T309 stainless steel. These modifications boosted the supercar’s output from the standard 460 horsepower all the way up to 606 horsepower. Translate that to performance figures and you have a supercar that can hit 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds while reaching a top speed of 202 mph.


This is really a super car and one of the fastest car ever. Imagine it can speed up to 202 mph with just 3.9 seconds. The name of this car is kinda disgusting for its performance.

What’s the bad thing about its engine? V8 engine can still give a great speed performance on this California, and if you didn’t notice it’s engine has a powerful output of 606 hp and has the maximum speed of 202 mph.

It will be more impressive if Ferrari used a more powerful engine on this, like V10 or V12 engine. Anyway, I also noticed that the design of its front grille seems look like with Aston Martin cars.

If DMC secured that they use an expensive material on the body kit of this Surfista Silver Star, does it mean that it will also be too pricey on its production? Anyway, I noticed that its name is really suited on the appearance of it.

606 horsepower? Is it already fast on that? Well, I admit that it is really quite good but there are still lots of cool sports cars that have an impressive and more powerful engine than on it.

So far, this is the first Mustang vehicle that I saw today, which had a nice engine that could really a great output of 606 HP. Anyway, I will surely wait for the official details about this car.

I’m so impressed with how they perfectly combined the aggressive, sporty and classy looks with this Ferrari California! Well, I’m glad that they mostly use a carbon fiber for its other feature.

I’m so impressed with the engine specification of this California vehicle of Ferrari, that is already quite impressive on it for the fact that it is not a sports car. Anyway, I hope that they would update this article soon.

It is more a good-looking car with a red body paint. Anyway, it still looks pretty on its silver color, and I’m impressed with its 202 mph of this vehicle. That is already quite remarkable about it.

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