2011 Ferrari F430 by Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore’s focus has shifted from Mercedes SLR and SLS AMG to a brand with a bit more speed: Ferrari. For the Maranello-based automaker, the German tuner has chosen the F430 to dazzle us with their exterior mods and engine updates.

The engine performance kit includes a recalibrated engine control unit and a lightweight, handmade stainless steel exhaust system. The new exhaust system even comes with a stainless steel rear silencer with valve flaps that can be operated with the use of a remote control allowing the driver to adjust the awesome sound shooting out with the touch of a button. The exhaust system alone produces an extra 20hp for the Ferrari , but altogether the modifications increase the horsepower from a standard 490hp to 537hp. Top speed was also increased to 202mph.

Next to the engine upgrade, the package also includes a new set of black colored wheels with a fine silver race stripe sizing, 8,5x20 front (tires 235/30/20) and 11,5x20 (tires 325/25/20) at the rear. The performance package is completed by a race suitable stainless steel coilover with adjustable compression and rebound.

But that’s just the start of the program. Wheelsandmore has also worked on theF430 Scuderia by adding full exhaust system contending manifolds, sportcatalysts, and a valve controlled rear muffler. Combined with an upgrade of the electronic control units you can get an impressive 565hp and 550 lb-ft.


I can’t decide so I need to see the prices guys! How much will this baby cost?

Also as I see, when it comes to the fastest cars, the mileage is like TABU. Any idea how fuel will this baby eat? (I know, whoTF cares about mileage and fuel when you just bought yoursefl a $300.000 car!)

They didn’t bother with the body kits and stuff, but they do provide new set of wheels, 6 Sporz 20-inch rims wrapped in 325/25 tires at the back.

Impressive, the design is so elegant and simple, plus the wheels give some more aggressiveness with the F430.. I bet those wheels are ultra light but tough. I wonder how much does it costs to have one set of it.

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