2011 Ferrari F430 Scuderia Art Car by Philippe Pasqua

Earlier this year, we chanced upon a dressed up Ferrari F430 Scuderia that was turned into a proverbial art car by digital artist Laurence Gartel, the same dude that pretty much taught Andy Warhol the ropes.

Recently, another 430 Scuderia -based Art Car was seen being developed, only this time, it’s the work of one Philippe Pasqua. The French artist took the task of wrapping up the Italian super car’s body in treated cowhide leather before putting his artistic skills to good use, designing the 430 Scuderia’s body in what can only be described as a comprehensive ode to something you’d see from Ed Hardy.

We doubt that Pasqua’s design had anything to do with the American clothing brand, but the intricate detail of Japanese motifs, sea creatures, and frightening skulls certainly speaks to the language of Hardy’s work. What we can take away from Pasqua’s design on the 430 Scuderia is that the man is a hell of an artist. What’s especially impressive is the fact that he was able to work around all of the edges and tiny crevices on the Italian supercar to enhance the beauty of his project.

We’ll give props where they’re due, and in Pasqua’s case, it’s all very much warranted. Now, if you happen to be in Paris next month, be sure to stop by at the Galerie Laurent Strouk to check out the Pasqua’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia Art Car hanging on a wall as an exhibit.

We kid you not.

Source: Jalopnik


Wow, this Japanese-theme skin. I was impressed to the artist who drew this. It surprised me that it was hanging on a wall.

The design doesn’t impress me; it was too fancy. I don’t like the color and the dragon design on it. I hope the engine specifications of this car would amaze me.

Wow, the headlamps were fascinating. My amazement was there when I saw the looks of this super-car in the dark. Front and back was a great view to look at. 

I love the skins they’ve applied on this car. It has the dragon character in the framework. I would love to see more from this especially on the interior. 

I think this car called Graffiti car. The design of this car are great. Dragon design is good for the year 2012.

It was an excellent work of art. The design are well in detailed and has a unique motif of Japanese culture.

This is just for an exhibit? Well, the design is pretty basic, i just don’t like the color they have used for this. I think it is much better if they use a black paint.

Yeah! However, not everyone will surely love this one, and I would still prefer its earlier looks. Anyway, what’s the engine specification of this Scuderia? Well, I hope that it is impressive as well.

Its Japanese motif is really so exotic with this F430! Well, I can say that the designer of this Scuderia is exactly a hell of an artist, and he did a great work on it because he absolutely emphasized the beauty of this vehicle!

Well, I think Chinese will really love to have this vehicle! smiley Moreover, I must say that its body work is truly so impressive and artistic. However, I’m hoping that they would use an awesome engine on it.

Yeah right! It really looks so exotic on that graphic design, but I would admit that it truly caught my attention. However, I wonder if they also use an impressive engine for this vehicle?

It seems that it is only exclusive for China because on its dragon, graphic design! smiley Anyway, it looks very exotic and aggressive on that. However, I just only hope that they would justify that by using a really powerful engine.

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