2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Emozione by Evolution 2 Motorsport

Every so often, a tuning firm comes out of the woodwork to present a program that takes your breath away. Evolution 2 Motorsport isn’t what you’d consider a household name in the tuning world, but when they came out with the Ferrari 458 Italia Emozione, we couldn’t help but stop and take notice.

On the visual front, Evolution 2 Motorsport dressed up the Italian supercar with plenty of carbon fiber components, including a new front splitter, a rear spoiler lip, mirror shrouds, a new double rear diffuser, and engine bay surrounds on both the front and sides. In addition, the tuning company also added a chrome-effect mesh, custom alloy pedals, and a new set of 21" alloy wheels.

Under the hood, the Ferrari 458 Italia’s 4.5-liter V8 engine was given its own upgrade, thanks to the inclusion of a new large-volume carbon fiber airbox, a titanium exhaust with blue end tips, and a re-programmed ECU unit. All these changes offer a significant bump in output for the Italian supercar, from the standard 562 horsepower all the way up to 602 horsepower.


It seems to have gotten a new-found glory in its fresh color.

The addition of the parts in this 458 Italia really good that the name itself fits for its description.

Needless to say, the paint job is really fitting. It’s all thanks to the tuning company.

The blue defines more peaceful attraction of F458 and I like the name Emozione. It really fits the name.

The rich paint job greatly contributes to its high appeal.

As its name stated, its full of emotions. I love its luscious blue color.

I like how the ponies have increased a lot in number.

Evolution 2 Motorsport’s tuning has made its look more electric because of the colors they’ve dressed it with. The car already originally seems vicious.

Initially, I am of course captivated by the allure of its appearance. Then, I came to know that it also houses an engine which can astound me with its capability to give off a high amount of horsepower.

Everything on its exterior seems to have appeal of their own; thus, the style has been consisted of these features which resulted to it being greatly captivating. It’s not all about the looks too. Its engine is able to produce a lot of ponies.

Ferrari won’t make its appearance look wicked if it can’t actually be high on performance; the exterior is complementary to its engine!

I think that the color it sports exuded its aggressive nature. After all, this is made to be competitive.

Since I laid my eyes on it, I wasn’t surprised anymore when I found out that it can perform that high because of the amount of ponies it can exert. It’s clear on its appearance that it is aggressive.

Is it ironic to say that this looks nicely vicious? The exterior’s features are really exuding a great feel of aggressiveness, supported by the electric blue color.

It looks astoundingly wicked! I must state the fact that each of its external components has contributed to its aggressive appeal, especially those headlamps and wheel rims on the fascia, and those taillights and exhaust pipes on the rear. It’s also pleasing to know that it can produce 562 – 602 HP; thus, proving that its appearance is a verbatim manifestation of its performance.

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