2012 Ferrari 599 GTO by Romeo Ferraris

Italian tuning firm, Romeo Ferraris, is back for another installment of "tuning car awesomeness" and for their next program, they have reached for the mightiest of the mighty in the Ferrari 599 GTO.

It certainly goes without saying that the 599 GTO is considered one of the finest vehicles to ever come out of Maranello and the boys over at Romeo Ferraris are quick to give the mighty Italian supercar even more juice than it already has.

We all know that the 599 GTO comes with a V12 engine that churns out a staggering 670 horsepower at 8,250 rpm with a maximum torque of 457 lb/ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. Knowing all that, Romeo Ferraris still saw fit to give the 599 GTO a number of performance upgrades. For the stage 1 program, the Italian tuner added a new sports air filter and a new exhaust on the car, giving the 599 GTO an extra 15 ponies and 9 lb/ft of torque. On top of that, Romeo Ferraris also has a stage 2 program that includes a remapped ECU and a new exhaust system, further adding 40 more horsepower and 35 lb/ft of torque.

All told, Romeo Ferraris’ program for the 599 GTO results in the supercar now possessing 710 horsepower and 492 lb/ft of torque. Mighty meaty, indeed!

To fit into everything they did under the supercar’s hood, the Italian tuner also mixed in a number of special carbon fiber components to customize the 599 GTO’s front splitter, mirrors, and rear diffuser.


All the super cars focused on exterior and engine performance, but this 599 GTO is lacking with interior details as well as the images of it.

I swear it really looks at its best. Was the V12 engine was modified into that powerful output of 710HP?

So is it true that the tuning made by Romeo is more focus on its exterior and less in the engine and performance?

Well, anything is possible with tuners. However, I’m a newbie and Romeo Ferraris modification is questionable to me; will it be as stable?

Ah, I sort of don’t like Romeo Ferraris’s styling. Anyway, I love how its performance capability has increased.

They’re like so efficient on tuning this! The improvement is obviously seen!

Need I say more? I think it’s already clear that the upgrade has a massive effect on its specifications.

Romeo Ferraris’s tuning is clearly shown there on its exterior. I’m not really certain about its performance though.

I can’t quite believe that 599 GTO can be further enhanced. The ability of Romeo Ferraris is terrific.

That’s cool! It’s a well-done job by the tuners; its performance made me attracted to it even more. However, I must state that its style doesn’t appeal to me.

The tuning by Romeo Ferraris has made this already dynamic supercar even more powerful. Fully dedicated on further enhancing it, I can say that they’re a success.

That wasn’t something new or different, but surely, that was something amazing and better.

Romeo Ferraris seems to be fully dedicated on making 599 GTO better. The upgrades they’ve cast upon the said vehicle have brought it to a newer height.

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