2012 Ferrari FF Vindicator by SR Auto Group

The Ferrari FF made its world debut in 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show and since then, the only major update it has received came from Novitec Rosso . Tuners just aren’t that excited about revamping Ferrari’s oddly shaped sports coupe and one look at the vehicle will shed some light for many as to why. Now, American tuner SR Auto Group is attempting to justify the FF’s existence by coming up with an upgrade package of their own. The package is called the FF Vindicator, which is surely SR Auto Group’s attempt at convincing us all that this will be the package to redeem the sports coupe.

This new kit was inspired by the Project Era which was based on the Ferrari 458 Italia . It consists of painting the car in a cool white finish and slapping on a new set of PUR wheels in a 1NE design. This setup may have worked for the 458 Italia, but that is another beast entirely. The Ferrari FF may have a 6,262 cc direct injection V12 engine that delivers 660 HP at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 503 lbs-ft 6,000 rpm, but its design is just a rolling pile of aluminum poop.


Why is it so abstract for me? I’m quite used to either outrageous designs, or minimal changes by now. How about you, guys?

This car can make my eye-catching because of neat and clean of the exterior design of this car.

I like the color and the exterior design of this car is neat and refreshing to the eye.

It didn’t look sporty in this white exterior, but it became more elegant.

It underwent through several changes, but the most significant is the new exterior color of this FF.

@Carlos_Odlham: Yes, they have the same exterior design. I wonder why is that?

They never change the exterior, only its exterior paint finishing.

When will the upgraded package be applied on the FF or other Ferrari models?

Carbon-fiber is much lighter than the Aluminum. I guess reducing weight can provide faster speed.

Isn’t it made on Carbon-fiber materials? Why it was called a roll of aluminum poop?

Since its debut in 2011, I’ve never seen a Ferrari FF on Europe. Was this FF is just priced expensive that it became rare or the unit is precisely limited that few acquired them?

You can have the sporty and elegant look in this FF. SR Auto upgrades not only its exterior look, but also its engine specs.

It looked gorgeous and clean because of the exterior design of the car. And it’s also refreshing to my eyes.

I didn’t expect that a Ferrari in white could still be luxurious and sporty like the red one.

So SR Auto group will be the second to make major updates on this FF. Making its exterior polished in white and having it with a new set of PUR wheels, gives a brilliant, elegant appearance.

Well, its aesthetics is not good for me. It’s design seemingly not a type of Ferrari, except the engine it holds.

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