2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider by Kahn Design

British tuner Kahn Design produces so many programs for a wide variety of vehicles that it’s safe to ask whether or not they know the concept of a ’holiday.’ Be that as it may, give these guys credit for always working out new ways to bring aftermarket goodies to auto enthusiasts.

For their latest piece of work, Kahn Design took the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider to give it its usual round-up of modifications. While no distinct modifications are noticeable from these pictures, the British tuner did say that their program will come with a variety of new components for the Italian supercar, including "front and rear sections, ceramic brakes, wing shields, upgraded F1 gearbox and yellow brake calipers." On top of that, the program also gets the usual custom bespoke interior, as well as a new set of 21" (front) and 22" (rear) wheels Monza forged wheels.

From the looks of things, the program might still be in its current development stages. But rest assured, if there’s one tuner that rarely disappoints, it’s Kahn Design. We’re confident that these guys have more up their sleeves for the beastly drop-top 458 Italia.


I’m proud of Kahn on getting this Italia with the usual custom bespoke interior, and a new set of 21" and 22" wheels Monza forged wheels.

This is the sexiest Italia only achieved by Kahn.

That is Ferrari I’ve been looking for. Kahn is a trusted tuning company deals on Ferrai and in result. Perfection of the models.

Oh it looks definitely good and intimidating.

This is really an amazing car! Kahn Design is really good when it comes to designing and customizing a car’s components.

ooh, looks good, hopefully it is

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