2013 Ferrari 770 Daytona Milano

In the past few months we have seen lots of special Ferrari models, the latest one being the SP12 EPC — a 458 Italia specially designed for Eric Clapton. Today, however, is time for another special Ferrari: the 770 Daytona Milano. It is based on the latest F12berlinetta and has been designed by E.Milano in cooperation with Pininfarina.

At this moment we cannot provide you with many details on this amazing project, but we do know that it will feature a nose that is heavily inspired by the 365 GTB/4 Daytona/ With “770” in the title, we can only assume that this is a reference to a 770-horsepower engine output — a 30-horsepower increase over the F12berlinetta’s 740 horses.

Additionally, Milano Torino announced that the 770 Daytona program will also work on the Ferrari 612 Berlinetta or 599 in collaboration with either Pininfarina S.P.A. or Fioravanti S.P.A., respectively.

Source: Autogespot


photoshopped but still looks greatsmiley

Great idea and look until you get to the front besides that looks great

They actually did it, Ferrari doesn’t make mistakes

i know the original car had amber reflectors, but that was 35 years ago...

The amber reflectors are outta place for me. Might work if they where smoked black.

my god a car that surprised me thank you Ferrari it looks beautiful

simple body lines, split front bumper, thin ars with big greenhouse... All it has in common with the old one is the blackout hood and long hood.

The things that made the Daytona great are absent here.

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