2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila

Last week we brought you the first details on the 770 Daytona Milano — the first special edition designed by Ferrari using its new individually developed program. Regardless of the fact that the 770 Daytona Milano‚Äôs first image was likely a Photoshopped image of the F12berlinetta at its Geneva debut, it was still pretty sweet. Today is time for the first rendering of a new specially designed F12berlinetta , the Giallo Acquila. This model is designed by PininFarina in cooperation with Fioravanti.

As you can notice from this first rendering, this special F12berlinetta Giallo Acquila will feature an updated, more aggressive rear with some extra lines and a big spoiler. The wheel arches have also been made slightly wider and they hide a pretty large set of wheels. We cannot tell for sure if the 729-horsepower, V-12 engine will get any increases, but we can at least hope.

All these changes have transformed the F12berlinetta into an even more desirable supercar, but also into one even more expensive. The question is who has the right amount of money to acquire this special supercar? Question No. 2 is will this program actually be realized or just fizzle away before the F12berlinetta is actually released.

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i think debound is right. imagine ferrari dropping the project and one of it’s customers having to explain to his or her friends why ferrari had to do that. that would push some people away, and that is not good!

dave is right. image matters more to big car manufacturers like ferrari.

even if this program is not profitable for ferrari, i guess it would be a greater image loss for them to drop it than to sell the cars with a smaller profit.

hey, ferrari have always done good things. and they were all thought ahead. i am sure this one is too.

i hope this new individually developed program will continue. i do not see why it would stop.

this is a special version of a quite limited ferrari hyper-car. will it sell? hell yeah it will!

well, all ferraris had buyers before, no matter how crazy or expensive the car was. this will be no exception.

i think tinur is right. there are buyers for veyron, koenigsegg’s agera, pagani’s huayra. there will be buyers for this one as well.

i am absolutely sure there will be buyers for this car!

this car was expensive to begin with. not it is even more expensive. i hope there will be someone to buy it!

a great car has been made even better. i hope they will release it.

the 729 HP are a lot! and the V12 engine is great!

i love the yellow on the car and the mean looking rear end! great job!

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