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This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will bring a few new bespoke models to the Ferrari lineup. Visitors will be able to to admire a bespoke FF, a "Tailor-Made" 458 Spider and Eric Clapton’s SP12 EC, produced by Ferrari ’s "Special Projects" division.

This particular 458 Spider was developed through Ferrari Tailor-Made program. The model is finished in Ice White Pearl combined with contrasting Grigio Silverstone racing stripes running down the center of the bonnet, roof, tonneau cover and engine cover.

For the interior, the model will offer a combination of black and grey leather; the latter covering surfaces on the door panels, rear luggage bench, center tunnel and the extremities of the racing seats. The central part of the seats in wrapped in Gray Alcantara combined with a silver cordura stripe. Both the exterior and the interior will feature an inner carbon-fiber trim in Ice White Pearl.

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If you have over $4 million in your bank account and you cannot find a way to spend it, we offer you two solutions. You can either hand some over to us or you can snag up a pair of supercars previously owned by Michael Schumacher. We are not talking about some ordinary supercars either - not that any supercars are “normal” - but about a specially designed Ferrari Enzo and an unique FXX .

The two supercars were put on sale by supercar dealer, Garage Zenith, and are priced as follows: almost $1.5 million for the Enzo and $2.7 million for the FXX.

What makes the two vehicles so special, besides being driven by the Formula 1 champion, of course? Well, both of them were specially designed for Schumacher and are even more unique than the original models. The Enzo features a few famous signatures under the hood, including Ferrari’s chairman Luca di Montezemolo. The FXX is the only one in the world to don a black paint scheme. For a little extra uniqueness, Schumacher drove the FXX at Top Gear’s test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome back in 2009.

Both models were given to Schumacher as a sign of appreciation for his achievements.

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Source: WCF
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Back in 2011, Zahir Rana , the owner of the ZR Auto Dealership, somehow managed to "park" a heavilty tuned EDO Competition Ferrari Enzo straight into the Atlantic Ocean during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland.

Right after the incident, the Enzo was flown back to the Edo Competition garage where the tuner had to do a massive repair. It all started by removing the sea water and all the damaged parts. The tuner also decided to install a new aerodynamic package with styling inspired by the FXX supercar. The interior and the wheels are also new.

After one and a half year, the work on the car was done and the Enzo was successfully resurrected. On Monday, the ZXX flew with the Cargolux to Calgary, where it was taken over by one happy owner.

Let’s just hope he will decide to drive the car away from the Atlantic Ocean.

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We don’t know about you, but we are pretty tired of all this Justin Bieber drama. Seemingly ever few months we have a new story of him driving like a moron. It just keeps on repeating over and over again.

Last time he hit the front page he was accused of six moving violations in Dubai . Now it looks like on Monday night he struck a photographer with his white Ferrari 458 Italia while leaving the Laugh Factory with his friend, Lil Twist.

Up to this point, Bieber wasn’t charged with any crime for the incident, but if the photographer decides to sue The Beib, it will be the second lawsuit against him. The first one was opened just a few weeks ago when a man accuses Bieber of ordering his bodyguard to commit assault and theft of the photographer’s camera.

There are no details on why or how Beiber hit the man, but we think it is safe to say he likely wasn’t driving in the safest manner.

We don’t know about you, but we think is time for Bieber to hire a chauffeur as he is not the best driver we have seen out there. The more we hear about Beibers incidents behind the wheel of his various supercars, the more we are starting to wonder if people think that all Ferrari drivers drive like a-holes...

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On the U.S. market, a standard Ferrari 458 Spider is priced at $257,000. So, why is this version priced at $459,900? The answer is simple: because it is the only Verde-Kers-Lucido 458 Spider in the U.S. and one of two in the world built up to this point.

What’s so special about this paint? To be honest with you nothing much, it is just the same green paint job applied to the Hy-Kers 599 hybrid test car unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

This particular model has only 967 miles on its ticker and comes with lots of carbon-fiber insertions on the interior. The model sits on 20-inch forged dark-painted rims wrapped in Michelin tires and features Scuderia Ferrari shields. Other standard equipment includes: a front wing in carbon fiber, rear molding also in carbon fiber and diamond stitching in Nero.

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With Father’s day getting closer, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what present you are going to buy him. We do know that Father’s Day is more about showing your appreciation, but if you have a secret bank account somewhere that has an extra $6.2 million in it, this collection might be the perfect gift.

It includes three of the greatest Ferrari models ever built: a 1990 F40 ; a 1995 F50 ; and a 2003 Enzo . This group of premium Ferraris is only available as a collection, as the seller will not separate them.

For your $6.2 million, you will get three supercars with a little over 200 miles on the ticker. The F40 and F50 are painted in Rosso Corsa, while the Enzo gets a very cool Rosso Scuderia exterior paint.

The Enzo is just one of the seven models produced in Rosso Scuderia and one of the only two ever built to US-specs.

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A real LaFerrari costs €1.3 million (about $1.7 million), which is apparently a bargain for the 1,000 clients who placed orders for the new supercar, but way too much for ordinary people like us. The second problem is that the LaFerrari will be limited to only 499 units, so most of us will never even have the chance to see it on the streets.

Luckily for us, the folks over at BBR have developed a LaFerrari that’s a little closer to our budget. Sure it can’t be driven on the road, as it is just a 1:18 scale model; but even so, it will look mighty fine sitting to your desk.

The 1:18 LaFerrari is priced at €361.18 (about $472) and will be available for order starting June 20th. BBR is also offering a special edition with a gloss-carbon-fiber roof priced at €372.08 ($486). This version will be limited to only 149 units. If the 1:18 scale model is still a little rich for your taste, you can also get a 1:43 scale model in red, Yellow Modena or black for just €157.90 (about $206).

Remember, Father’s day is just around the corner (June 16th) and this would be a great present for any Ferrari fan that can’t quite afford one. You can preorder one through BBR Models’ website.

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Cam Shaft has, on occasion, given a car a comprehensive aftermarket program. But sometimes, it sticks to what it knows best.

Take, for example, this Ferrari F12berlinetta . Off the bat, we’ll tell you that it doesn’t come with any performance upgrades so you can expect to see the same 740-horsepower V-12 engine that allows the car to hit 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 211 mph.

But the German tuner does know one thing more than anybody else: wrapping cars. So that’s what they did to the F12berlinetta, and the results are positively glorious.

It’s always convenient to put a tuner to task for not flexing its performance muscles on a car like the F12berlinetta. In some cases, that argument holds merit. Other times, though, it doesn’t.

This one belongs in the latter because one look at the Italian supercar and you immediately forget everything else that makes sense in this world. You just drop your jaw, pick it back up and admire this prancing horse in all of its glory.

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We have one more reason to love Chris Harris, as he decided to sell his Porsche and bought a Ferrari 599 . If you are asking why, the answer is quite simple: because the finance payments were too much for him to handle. Also, after saying some unpleasant things about some Ferrari models he is now on Maranello’s black list and he is not invited to test its models anymore.

So, you see, somehow he missed driving an Italian supercar, especially now that 599 units have hit the skids in the UK. We would have liked better to see him behind the wheel of a new F12berlinetta , but that beast costs a good bit more than the 599.

All we can say is that Harris is pretty impressed by the 599 and found it rather impressive. Let us know in the comments section below what do you think about his new acquisition.

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Ferrari entered the 1953 24 Hours of Le Mans with three 340/375 MM race cars . One of these three units was auctioned by RM Auctions at the 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este for a total of €9,856,000 - about 12.7 million at the current exchange rates. Sounds like a good day at the auction for Ferrari, except that it also sold a 288 GTO, a F40, a F50, a Enzo and a 599XX track car. But the the biggest haul still came from the 375 MM, despite RM’s estimates that it would only be sold for the half the price it went for.

Apparently, three wealthy individuals really wanted the car and as everybody knows when there’s a bidding itch among people with deep pockets, the price tends to go up a notch. In the end, the car went to a guy from U.K. who, incidentally, also owns a 250 GTO.

This particular 375 MM has quite an impressive background: it participated at the 24 Hour of Spa, the Carrera Panamericana, and won the 12 Hours of Pescara. The car was driven by three World Champions: Hawthorn, Ascari, and Farina.

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Source: RM Auctions

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