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The new 2014 LaFerrari is no doubt the most amazing car we have seen this year, as it combines a stunning design language with tons of horsepower under the hood. And when it comes to designing great watches inspired by Ferrari ’s design language, the folks over Hublot do an amazing job.

Its latest creation - the MP-05 "LaFerrari " is a wristwatch worthy of its name. Not only because it features a great look, but the new MP-05 watch also scored a new world record by way of a 50-day power reserve.

The watch was designed entirely in parallel with the car, alongside the Ferrari team. It features 637 components for the movement, a Tourbillon and 11 barrels arranged in a line just like a spinal column.

Hublot designed a complex-shaped sapphire crystal reminiscent of the Laferrari’s outline, as well as an open case-back made from black PVD titanium. What is very interesting on the new MP-05 "LaFerrari" watch is the original display: on the right side of the barrels you will see the hour and the minute, and on the left side the power reserve.

The new MP-05 "LaFerrari" will be limited to only 50 units. The price isn’t available online, but you can head to Hublot’s website to find a retailer near you.

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A few days ago, the Dubai Police took delivery of a patrol car unlike any other: a Lamborghini Aventador. Today it’s time for another supercar to join its fleet: a Ferrari FF . This special FF costs around 2 million Emirati Dirham (about $544,000 at the current exchange rates).

The two models have been added to the police fleet in an attempt to "enhance security on the roads in accordance with highest international standards and technical developments," according to an official statement coming from Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief. Both supercars will be used to provide best road security in different areas of Dubai.

Just like with the Aventador, the new FF Police Car is painted in a cool white paint with green stripes - official colors in the Emirates. It also features lots of sirens and for the interior it will most likely be offered with all the gadgets required by a police vehicle.

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Since last year, rumors have been floating around that Ferrari is going to unveil a new-generation California soon. Quite a strange move from the Italian company , considering the model was unveiled just five years ago. However, with the California being the most successful model in its lineup, we can’t blame Ferrari for wanting to keep it fresh and updated.

Rumors suggested that the second-generation California will use a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine and the latest prototype caught testing by Marchettino at the Fiorano racetrack in the above video adds some substance to these rumors. Listen closely from low engine speeds and you can hear the faint whistling from the engine.

It is believed that the engine will be the same used in the new-generation Maserati Quattroporte - not a big surprise, considering it has been developed in cooperation with Ferrari. This new engine will deliver a little bit more power over the current generation, so we will likely see a 500-horsepower California when the second-gen model rolls out.

The new generation Ferrari California is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year.

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For most kids in the world, the biggest joy will be to drive the bike he or she always dreamed about. But how about a Ferrari F430 ? No, not a toy one; a real-life one with a 483-horsepower, V-8 engine under the hood and that sprints to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Yeah, that one.

Apparently, to these two Indian children, who look no older than 8-years old, this powerful supercar is a toy. This is all too evident with just how well they handle this machine on the public roadway.

Apparently, the two childrens’ parents were there, or at least some adults were there filming, so we can only assume they had permission. However, we cannot stress enough to you just how stupid it is to let your kids take control of any car, let alone a powerful supercar. Especially when the need the New York City telephone book to see over the steering wheel…

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The 24 Hours of LeMons is finally upon us. Well, it’s actually been quietly crossing the nation since it kicked off on March 16th at Carolina Motorsports Park, but this is the first cool thing we have seen from it thus far.

One of the key rules of the LeMons circuit is that the car must not cost you more than $500 total, which includes buying and fixing your heap-of-choice – sans safety stuff, of course. Well, the last thing you would ever expect to see in this group of barely running rust buckets is a Ferrari P4/5 , right?

Well, get that irony train rolling, as that is exactly what was there. No, no one managed to bamboozle some rich dude into selling a P4/5 for $500; this was just Jim Glickenhaus heading up the field at the Monticello, New York race that took place on April 6th and 7th.

You can check out the above video, which is shot from the pace truck, to see this $4 million one-off prancing horse leading a pack of rundown jalopies. As an added bonus, if you watch the whole video, you also get to see the pace truck haul the first casualty – a mid-1980s Dodge Charger – of off the track.

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Scuderia Ferrari has announced today the launch of a new social game named Pit Wall King, which can bring you tons of prizes every week and in the end, a very special Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello.

The purpose of the game is to test your knowledge of the Scuderia Ferrari. The game comes with two different sections: Practice and Championship. The Practice mode is divided in different levels and contains the questions you will also meet in Championship. You will have to answer as many question as possible in the given time and when you have at least 20 correct answers, you can reach the next level. Depending on the level, the time to answer goes from 2 minutes in the level 1 down to just 1 minute in level 5.

The Championship begins each Thursday at 12 a.m. before the GP and ends one minute before the race starts on Sunday. Contenders will have to answer 3 multiple-choice questions and forecast Fernando Alonso’s and Felipe Massa’s places in the current GP. For every correct answer you will get 5 points. Each week the points earned by the players will be classified and the first 10 players will receive special prizes from

At the end of the season, Ferrari will also create an overall classification and will crown 3 Pit Wall Kings. The prize for these three lucky guys will be a Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello!

You can check out the game here.

The perks of being a Formula One driver appear to be endless. If being privileged to occupy one of the 20, or so, seats in the grid isn’t cool enough, a driver like multiple-time world champion Fernando Alonso certainly has one of the coolest perks of any driver outside of the racetrack.

The lead Ferrari driver gets to take tours of the automaker’s facilities while also being fawned and fought over wherever he goes. It’s a good life, indeed.

But one of the biggest benefits of being a driver on a team like Ferrari is the kind of access you have to some of the company’s biggest projects. Recently, the two-time driver’s champion paid a visit to the company’s facility in Maranello where he met some of Ferrari’s best and brightest engineers.

But the real highlight of Alonso’s visit was the chance to sit behind the wheel of the LaFerrari and take it for a spin around the track. Not a lot of people get to do that and Alonso looks right at home driving that 900-horsepower supercar.

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Very few cars in this world can match wits with the Ferrari F12berlinetta .

So when you’re left with a dearth of choices, you opt for the next best thing: an Airbus A320.

We’ve seen supercars engage aircrafts in some friendly drag strip races over the past few years. This time, the F12berlinetta took a crack at an Air Malta Airbus 320 in a race for charity.

The actual race was actually held last December 9th at the Malta international Airport with the proceeds being sent to the Paqpali Ghall-Istrina charity. Circumstances were far from ideal as a little precipitation cast some dark clouds over the venue.

But in the end, the race went ahead as planned and while the F12berlinetta was clearly no match against the Air Malta Airbus 320, the event did succeed in raising an impressive €178,820 for the Paqpali Ghall-Istrina charity.

All in the name of a good cause; the race eventually played a secondary role with the money raised for charity. But that can’t stop us from watching how it unfolded, right?

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A few days ago, we brought you a video showing the LaFerrari Concept Manta at the Ferrari Exhibition. Manta and the Tensostruttura concept (shown here) are the two development versions of the new LaFerrari supercar that have been produced in 1-to-1 scale. It’s not that we do not like the two concept cars, but we are very happy Ferrari decided to continue improving its design language until it finally evolved to the masterpiece called LaFerrari.

Overall, Ferrari developed a total of nine different concepts for the LaFerrari before arriving at the final product. It’s a truly a unique opportunity to see this car, since most automotive manufacturers never show the development processes of their vehicles.

Let us know in the comment section below which of the two concepts you like better: Manta or Tensostruttura? We think the second one gets a little bit closer to the final product.

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Everyone knows that each model developed by Ferrari will also get a track-focused version at some point, especially when we are talking about one like the LaFerrari . We are pretty sure that Ferrari is going to unveil an EvoXX version in the near future, so we have created a rendering (above) that might help you get a better idea of what to expect the track-ready version of the LaFerrari could look like.

Few details are known on the future LaFerrari EvoXX up to this point, but we expect to see a treatment similar to what we saw with the 599XX Evolution . Translated, this mean we will see some aerodynamic improvements, some white racing strips plus a different rear wing with two flaps.

Next to the exterior changes, the EvoXX version will most likely deliver a few more horsepower and will be lighter than the standard version. Ferrari will also add an updated suspension and race-inspired brakes.

Expect the new LaFerrari EVOXX to arrive sometime in the upcoming months. We’ll keep you updated as the EvoXX becomes clearer.

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