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Our favorite Youtube user, Marchettino has done us a very big surprise today: he managed to shot an incredible video of the Glickenhaus’ Ferrari P4/5 Competizione . The video has been shot at the Pistenclub trackday event at Imola, where the car was taken for some testings during the day.

The video will show the car in from many different points of the track and you will have the chance to enjoy the spectacular sound of its V8 engine. So, turn up the volume really high!

And, just as a reminder, the P4/5 Competizione is based on a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and is powered by a V8 drivetrain of an F430 GT2 ALMS racing car. This engine delivers a total of 500 HP. Also, you will probably know that the racing team behind James Glickenhaus is now working on a new Ferrari LMP1 Race Car that will be featuring a KERS system brought by Magneti Marelli.

Don’t ever make the mistake of describing the Ferrari F40 as a relic supercar. Sure, it’s been around longer than some of us have been alive, but the F40 is considered one of the most iconic Ferrari exotics in the world.

It is powered by a 2,936cc twin turbocharged, alloy 90° V8 putting out an astonishing 478bhp at 7000rpm and 424 lb-ft of torque at 4500rpm. This engine is combined with dual overhead cams controlling four valves per cylinder, a dry sump lubrication system, separate electronic ignition and fuel injection systems for each bank of cylinders, and a Weber-Marelli engine control system. It is mated to a fully synchronised 5-speed manual system with hydraulically actuated single-plate clutch.

The F40 is one of those supercars that can definitely stand on its own in a photoshoot, but photographer ItzKirb doesn’t roll that way. Where there is an exotic in his eyes, there has to be a beautiful women just right beside it.

So there she is, the lovely Hope, a woman with a body that would make men weep. She’s got a cute face too so that’s an added delight. Put her in a photo with a car like the F40 and you’re bound to get a lot of drool in whoever’s using what computer to check out these photos.

Don’t miss out on this saucy photoshoot because you’re going to regret it if you do.

Every year Ferrari is holding a pretty cool event as a tribute to Targa Florio. And this year was no exception: clients from all over the world came to Sicily to participate in this extraordinary event: from Europe, Canada, the USA, South Africa and even Hong Kong.

The participants, clients of the Prancig Horse from all over the world, were thrilled by the event over three days, crossing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, discovering ancient culture along the way of the over 900 km in Sicily.

The event came to an end with a parade on Viale della Libertà. Every year there is a regularity race, and this year it was won by the 512 TR (1992) with Verghini-Fuso, ahead of the Scuderia Spider 16M (2009) with Zobele/Trentinaglia Zobele and the 328 GTS (1986) with Mehl/Mehl.

What’s better than one Italian thoroughbred? We know the answer to that one. Two!

But what’s better than two Italian thoroughbreds? A little tricky, but if you’re answer involves the names Heather Doss and Ashley Valderrama, then you get the jackpot!

So here’s where we’re at: it’s a photoshoot that has a Ferrari 360 and a Maserati GranTurismo . On top of that, we have a pair of too-hot-for-words models in the form of Heather Doss and Ashley Valderrama.

It doesn’t even matter where this shoot took place - apparently, it’s somewhere in the US - what’s important is that this intoxicating combination of Italian exotics and American sexiness is in full display with plenty of amazing photos, thanks to Itzkirb Photography.

Check out the gallery below and try to figure how Itzkirb Photography managed to fit all these pieces of hotness into a steamy batch of photos. Here’s a suggestion, though: don’t over think it and just enjoy the spread.

That’s what we did.

When you have the gift of capturing images through a camera lens, it’s something that you can make a good living doing. Nino Batista is one of those people with that particular set of skills and to our good fortune, he’s taken his talents into the world of auto photography.

One of his newest photo sets features sexy hottie, Sophia Michaelson, but it’s not just this long-legged brunette that got our attention. Batista also managed to gather some of the finest exotics in the land to be part of the photo shoot.

There’s a Porsche Carrera GT in there, as well as a modified Porsche GT3 , a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spyder 16M , and yes, even a Maserati Cambiocorsa Spyder GT. Somehow, we couldn’t escape the idea of having one girl flirting with all these supercars.

Makes us think that we probably should be in there too, only because we think Sophia’s getting too cold wearing that skimpy bikini. Then again, if we can’t make it in the photos, we’re perfectly fine staring at them.

Check out Nino Batista’s spread of Sophia Michaelson in the gallery below!

Source: Nino Batista

The Corse Clienti program for Ferrari is one the perks of owning some of the coolest sports cars on the planet. In this program, owners of the FXX , FXX Evolution , 599XX , and 599XX Evolution get to experience the thrill of driving their cars on the track with a group of Ferrari employees at their disposal.

At this year’s Monza event, there was the usual array of 599XX EVO and FXX models to tantalize Ferrari lovers all around, and YouTube user Marchettino was there to capture every grunt and growl produced by the powerful engines from these sports cars.

As a reminder, the Ferrari 599XX is powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine that delivers a total of 750 HP at 7000 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque. With the extra 50 HP, the 599XX will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and up to a top speed of 196 mph. The Ferrari FXX is powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine delivering 789 HP at 8500 rpm, which takes it from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and up to a top speed of 217 mph. It is mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox.

Enjoy the revs, folks!

One year ago, Zahir Rana’s Ferrari Enzo FXX went for a skinny dip straight into the Atlantic Ocean . Normally, a dive like that for an exotic car like this one would’ve been a death knell for the prized exotic.

But give credit to Rana, who refused to accept the death of his beloved Enzo FXX. Instead of letting rust ruin the Enzo, Rana had the supercar sent back to Edo Competition in Germany to have it completely restored.

After over a year of rebuilding the supercar, the result has finally been released.

Meet the Ferrari Enzo ZXX.

No official press release has been made regarding the reborn Enzo, although we do know based on previous information we’ve received that the car will now carry an output of 950 horsepower, 110 ponies more than what it used to had. To give the car a new shine, Edo Competition also added extensive modifications to the original bodywork, highlighted by a new front nose, added side air vents, LED lights on the front, and a new bespoke interior that probably wouldn’t want to get its digs wet this time around.

From a car that appeared to be headed to the yard, a whole lot of people contributed to somehow turn this project around. And might we say, the result is as breathtaking as it once was.

UPDATE 12/18/12: YouTube user keno0311 managed to take a video of the Enzo ZXX being started and ensuing revs that’ll ring your ears. Check out the video after the jump and remember, turn up the volume!

We know how two models in a photoshoot with cars works, but now, how about we take a stab at three?

The leading lady in this particular spread is 20-year old Crystal, an outgoing woman doing her very first official shoot. Way to get baptized into the world of auto modeling, huh?

Together with two of Secret Entourage’s previous models, Misty and Kristen, Crystal gets acquainted to a number of exotics, including the Ferrari 360 Modena , Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale , and the Porsche 911 Gemballa Bi-Turbo.
This collection of hotness of the female and automotive variety is the kind of spread we’d love to have as our wallpapers. Not to mention, this Crystal lady is a real stunner, isn’t she?

She’s a tease too, which we don’t mind in a girl in the least bit. Crazy, stunning, and beautiful, that’s the best way to describe this 20-year old firestarter.

Check her out on the gallery below!

GMG Racing is a California-based aftermarket tuning company that caters to some of Europe’s finest exotics. They’re also a multi-series racing team, which only adds to their already impressive credentials.

Packed with a steady combination of resources and industry know-how, GMG Racing took a Ferrari 458 Italia and gave it nice new body paint and some subtle performance enhancements.

Talking about the paint, GMG Racing coated the 458 Italia with a grey shade dubbed "Grigio Scuro." It’s not the kind of grey we’re used to, but the added shine makes it look stone cold awesome. From there, GMG Racing gave the Italian supercar a new aftermarket exhaust, a lowered suspension kit, sports springs from Novitec, and a new set of wheels from TBD.

No mention was made on how much horsepower was added to the supercar. Whatever that number is, we’re pretty confident that the number is north of 600 horsepower.

Sounds like a winner in our book.

Last week, at the 2012,Paris Auto Show, Ferrari unveiled a unique composite chassis for the upcoming F70 hybrid supercar . Today, a leaked scan from Ferrari Magazine Number 18 revealed a few more details on the future hybrid powertrain. The image shows a big V12 engine and, of course, a lot of power lines that are part of the hybrid KERS system.

This image doesn’t help in identifying the exterior or interior design of the future supercar, but it does give us an idea of the power source. We still are waiting for the official details, but rumors suggest that the next F70 will combine a 900 HP V-12 engine and a 120 HP KERS system for a total output of more than 1000 HP.

This combustion engine links to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. On the electrical side, you have a series of components working together for optimal efficiency. On the backside of the seven-speed trans, you have a high-power traction motor. This motor electrifies the seven-speed trans, adding to the power the engine delivers to it. Attached to the gasoline engine is an auxiliary generator that charges the batteries, as needed. Lastly, on top of the transmission is the hybrid power unit, which features two inverters and a smart cooling system.

The next Ferrari F70 is expected to make its world debut in March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned!


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