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One of the most important Ferrari debuts at the 2012 Paris Auto Show was the chassis for the upcoming F70 supercar , but while it undoubtedly caught all of the attention in Paris, Ferrari ’s stand included a few other very cool vehicles. Visitors have seen cars ranging from the new F12berlinetta to a very special FF that certainly has a feature worth mentioning.

This particular FF was equipped with a new full-length panoramic roof that allows for more light to enter the car. According to Ferrari, this new roof features "a special reflective glass (LowE) that gives occupants a genuine open-air driving feeling, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation."

No other details on this new glass roof were provided, leaving us to wonder if this will be a new feature for the sports car or just an attention grabber in Paris. Production for this feature would be a little controversial considering the added weight a panoramic glass roof would add to the FF, and the effect that weight would have on the performance numbers of the vehicle. The design for the FF is already questionable in many people’s minds; why add another negative by messing with the performance the customer can get from the 660 HP V12 engine?

It’s time to take a little break from all the Paris Auto Show related news and talk about something a little more fun: toys! Whether you’re a child or not, we’re pretty sure many of you can appreciate the art behind die-cast models. These small versions of high-end supercars are an adult child’s dream, but this one in particular, a very cool Ferrari 599XX collection developed by BBR, is simply drool-worthy.

These 1:18 scale models are painted in the same Evo Rosso and Rosso Corsa colors used for the real car. Unfortunately, they will be built in a limited run - 50 units painted in Evo Rossa and 25 units painted in Rosso Corsa - combined with a very cool F1 2007 Italian Flag.

The bad news is that these amazing toys are not cheap. Each unit is priced at $475, cheaper that the real car, but still a ton money for a toy.

So Ferrari really doesn’t have any new models to display in Paris, per se, but it still dropped a huge bomb on us all. We are already anticipating the new hybrid Ferrari in the coming years, but we’re not too certain exactly when to expect it nor are we too sure what it’ll look like.

We do, however, now know that this new hybrid will boast one of the most advanced chassis ever to grace the public roadways. Ferrari gathered up all of its data over the decades of racing it has done and managed to piece together a composite chassis that this upcoming hybrid will boast.

There are four different types of carbon fiber that make up this chassis and each layer is carefully hand laminated, then cured in autoclaves. The process starts simply with T800 carbon. Ferrari then carefully applies T800UD – carbon-fiber tape – over specific areas of the T800 to add a little strength. Engineers then manufacture the underbody and cross member from high-tensile carbon fibers (M46J). From there, the doors and other critical areas are formed from T1000 carbon-fiber – the same carbon fiber that graces the nose of F1 cars. Finally, the undertray is done up in carbon-fiber, but with one significant difference: a nice layer of Kevlar to prevent damage from projectiles.

In all, this advanced chassis development will save about 20 percent off of the Ferrari Enzo , the car this new hybrid is slated to succeed, even though the hybrid system adds significant weight. Last, this ultra-modern chassis will boast 27 percent more torsional rigidity and its beam stiffness will increase by 22 percent. This not only makes the car stronger, but it will also increase its handling capabilities.

It’s not too often that we can say a chassis makes us excited, but one this advanced certainly does. Plus, the video that Ferrari released regarding it is simply bad-ass.

Click past the jump to read Ferrari’s press release.

In August 2012, Canadian tuner SR Auto Group unveiled their latest program for the Ferrari 458 Italia , dubbed "Project Ice Blade" . Apparently, we used that word "latest" a little too prematurely because SR Auto Group has a new program for the Italian supercar.

Calling this one "Project Black Mist," SR Auto Group once again used aerodynamic parts from Italian tuner Novitec Rosso. With the help of the Novitec kit - it includes a front lip, a rear diffuser, and a rear aero spoiler - SR Auto Group managed to enhance the lines and curves of the Italian bad boy. From there, the paint was matched to the original exterior, which, as SR describes was the reason why the program was christened ’Black Mist.’

Rounding out the upgrades, as per usual, are a new set of wheels that SR picked themselves. In this case, the chased wheels are 21" (on the front) and 22" (on the rear) modern gloss black PUR NE1 Monoblock wheels.

Suffice to say, it’s another program that SR Auto Group can tuck under their belts. At this point, we’re just happy that they’ve been hitting these projects out of the park.

When Lamborghini released the 700-horsepower Aventador that sprinted to 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds, Ferrari knew it had to step up its game, or it would start losing the supercar supremacy battle very quickly. The aging 599 GTB was an awesome car, in its prime, but with its relatively sloth-like 3.7-second sprint to 60, it was no match for the mighty raging bull.

With the Aventador already on the market and selling relatively well, Ferrari took to the drawing board and came up with a machine that it planned to have the power and speed of the Lambo, but the Ferrari plushness that its customers insisted on. This new car ended up being the F12berlinetta, a supercar unlike any that the world has ever seen and power to match its looks.

So, how exactly does the Ferrari F12berlinetta – odd name and all – stand up to the raging bull? We’ll take a deeper look into this plush supercar and see if it has the goods to fend off the bull and take home the title.

Click past the jump to read our full review on the all-new F12berlinetta and see how it stacks up.

When Ferrari North Europe began their campaign to reclaim the world record for a parade of Ferrari cars back in June, they set a mark of 1,000 cars to participate in the attempt. Unfortunately, they didn’t hit their 1,000-car target. They only had 964 Ferraris. You could hear the collective heart break from across the Atlantic.

All joking aside, the new record is mighty impressive in its own right, not only because they managed to bring 964 Ferraris and assemble all of them on one track, but more so because these owners actually found some time to participate in the record-setting attempt.

Heck, even Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa was on hand with his 458 Italia to partake in the festivities. And if anybody’s wondering whether this record attempt was done for self-fulfilling reasons, each driver who participated in the event actually donated £5 donation to BEN, the auto industry’s charity out in England.

Congratulations to Ferrari North Europe for the new record! Here’s to hoping that record lasts longer than five minutes!

The racing team behind James Glickenhaus’ Ferrari P4/5 Competizione has an eye on building an actual alternative fuel Ferrari LMP1 race car. How serious are these guys?

Apparently, serious enough to actually release a number of teaser images on what the race car is going to look like. With the success the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione had at the Nurburgring earlier this year - it broke the 599XX Evo’s lap time around the ’Ring, making it the fastest Ferrari to blaze around the track - and the fiery burning session it had later on, the team still managed to take 1st place in the Alternative Energy Class in the 2012 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

With the taste of success still fresh, the team is looking at the possibility of building a new alternative fuel LMP1 race car, only this time, it’s got its eyes set on the series’ top dog, the Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro.

“We’re considering various possibilities for 2013 and 2014," the team said in a statement. "The LMP1 rules for 2014 are very suited to an Alternate Energy Car and we’re exploring the possibility of building and racing P 4/5 LMP in 2014.”

While no official details surrounding the car have been released, these teaser photos appear to be more than just a pipe dream for these guys. The cost will most likely be more than just an arm and a leg, but success comes with a true price - literally and figuratively - and the team behind the P4/5 Competizione appears to be willing to pay it.

We received an email today from some random Ferrari dealer saying that we had been chosen as a potential buyer for the upcoming F70. Attached to this email was an image. We had never seen it before so we all got excited that maybe Ferrari mistakenly emailed out the official images ahead of time… Until Google kicked us down 13 notches by showing us that it was a little-known rendition by Constantin-Gabriel Radu.

After kicking the ground a few times like a 10-year old scolded by his mommy, we then realized that said email did contain a few bits of information that we need to pass on. First and foremost, we have been anticipating a 2013 release of the F70 , but apparently, it is much closer to being done than the test mules running around town are showing us, as the email says that the F70 will be released “in a few weeks.”

The second bit of information is even more impressive, as the email lets us know that the F70 will exceed the 1,000-horsepower mark with its 900-plus-horsepower V-12 and a 120-horsepower KERS system. We had been under the impression that the F70 would have at least 20 fewer ponies.

The third and final bit of info is the fact that the Ferrari F70 will sit atop the supercar world as the fastest serial-numbered street car in the world. That means it will trump the mighty Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 258 mph record.

Though the leaked images would beat this information by a long shot, this is still extremely cool to hear. Stay tuned for more information.

Back in June, Ferrari auctioned off a 599XX Evo for a cool 1.4 million euro (about $1.77 million at the current rates), all of which was donated to help the victims of the earthquake that hit the Emilia Romagna region back in May. Now, the man who forked over his hard-earned cash was given his prize at a special ceremony in Monza.

The lucky owner is Benjamin Sloss, Vice President of Engineering for Google. He and his beautiful wife received the keys to their brand new 599XX from Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo, along with Scuderia drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

Sloss was thrilled with the event and said he was extremely happy to have contributed to this cause, which he decided to support as soon as he heard what had happened in Italy, in the hops of helping with the reconstruction plans.

Benjamin Sloss will now be driving around with a 6.3L V12 engine at his disposal, which pumps out 750 HP at 7000 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque. Helping the engine along is a weight reduction of 77 lbs compared to the standard 599 model.

The Ferrari Enzo ’s successor - also known as the F70 - was recently caught warming up in the streets outside Maranello. Unfortunately, the sports car was still heavily camouflaged, but you can still get a glance of its aggressive look, which may come from the borrowed design elements from the 458 Italia and FF Berlinetta . Also visible in this video is the FXX-like rear-end. Ferrari has already stated that the supercar’s new design will be based on a "three arc" philosophy: the front arc is the tightest in diameter; the middle one is the largest; and the rear arc is somewhat larger than that in the front and extends rearward until it ends abruptly.

The future Ferrari F70 is rumored to get a 7.3-liter V12 engine combined with the company’s HY-KERS system for a total output of 1000 HP. Of course, these are just speculative numbers, but we can be sure that the end result will be just as dynamic as rumors are stating.

More details on the new Ferrari Enzo will be unveiled soon, so stay tuned!

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