Next-generation Ferrari Enzo design concept

It’s not hard to imagine what the world would be like if Ferrari did come out with a successor to the venerable Enzo supercar. As one of the meanest and most awesome supercars to come out of Maranello in history, the Ferrari Enzo certainly has no equal – that is unless a successor to it comes along down the road.

In the event that our fantasy does come true, concept designer Peter Simon already has an idea of what he thinks the Enzo successor is going to look like.

Featuring a far more aggressive nose and front end than the real Enzo, Simon’s concept work is the personification of a car that certainly poses a design identity that’s all its own.

According to Simon, the inspiration behind his work was taken from – get this – human and animal bones. Simon took his inspiration, weird as it sounds, and combines with the flair of Maranello to create a striking study that boasts of swooping angles that we’ve never seen from an actual Prancing Horse.

We have to give props to Peter Simon for the ingenuity and the rather out-of-the-box approach to his work. We just don’t think that an Enzo successor – if or when it does come out – would look anything like this.


It looks like the Toyota Supra on its platform and with its other detailing. Well, I find it too aggressive, which is kind of not impressive at all for me. Anyway, I just only hope that it is not an electric car concept.

Wow! This car is one of the designs ever. The design looks a skull. Just look the rear of the car and the headlight of this car is so thin.

Heck! I don’t get what’s so spectacular about this car! I don’t think that with the face like this.. I’m afraid that everyone will snob this production.

The sides and back look to be made of crashed Enzos while the front seems to be made out of vaginas.

Though I have to say that the platform doesn’t look good still I’m proud to the talent of the team that made it. I think its difficult to make that form for the bonnet and the design for the rear skirt! Its such a great craft!

I don’t get why does the team creative behind this car waste their time in making such crap! BTW, I do hope that they will improve the face and a boost engine.

I don’t like the face of this car, it look so boring and hideous! And once approved for production i bet this would be so pointless.

what the hell happen to the face? I think its kind of distorted, it needs a lot of enhancement when it comes to detailing. and i suggest that they have to trimmed down the weight of the car.

larger engine can withstand higher horsepower and a better torque.
But I do hope that they would come up with their own design.

This type of car is weird and ugly,You cant say it will become be popular.

yeah, i agree with you, I don’t like the front hood of the car it looks so horrible..It looks like nose of a "Possum"haha

Supposedly the main idea to create a "future looking car". But i don’t think they get the real deal! It looks like a sort of "student experiment".

This would be my port-o-potty if i had it ... it looks like waded up dirty toilet paper....or some kind of a deformed sperm cell! haha

OMG. Looks like someone crapped, literally, on this! Also the top part looks like a brain. Too bad the one that created and aproved this one had no brain!

I guess Lamborghini pulled a joke on Ferrari and build this!

This could be the only logical explanation for such a ugliness!

This should be called UGLarri smiley

It is all clear now!

All those exploded engines drove nuts the Ferrari team and they created a new genius design:

The ugliest car is a Ferrari!
Who would of imagined that?

I dont really want this car,Im only try to scared myself for this wild thing inventions.

Ugliest thing ever

Mr. Enzo would NEVER approve this...In fact he would of had Peter Simon shot on site after presenting this piece of crap design to him.

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