Fiat Topolino

Fiat Topolino

Fiat has signed an official agreement with the Zastava plant in Kragujevac, Serbia at the beginning of this year. The Italian maker intends to built the future Topolino in here after they will increase plant’s production.

The Topolino will be less than three metres long, and will be powered by a new two-cylinder petrol engine that will come in both normally aspirated and turbocharged form, producing around 65bhp and 90bhp respectively.

The new motor uses a cost-saving iron engine block in place of aluminium, but features Fiat’s innovative ‘MultiAir’ variable valve system, which should make it impressively clean: the company is believed to be targeting CO2 emissions of less than 90g/km.

When the Topolino goes on sale in 2010 it will be the first two-cylinder car to be sold across western European markets since the demise of the Citroen 2CV. Prices will start from around €6500.

Source: AutoCar

Topolino (the Italian translation for Mickey Mouse - "Little Mouse") was the world’s smallest car when it was launched back in 1937. For almost twenty years, the little car helped Fiat weather some stormy times. And now that all good automotive designs must come back, just like the 500, the Topolino is reborn. Spy photographer already caught it on testing, and now here’s a TopSpeed rendering of the car.

The little Topolino will be placed bellow the current 500 with whom it will share the platform, but shortened to 3150mm in length (35 cm shorter than its brother 500). If this is true, this may contradict rumors about the car sharing a platform with a revival of the BMW Isetta . Unlike the original, the Topolino will will seat four people. This is scheduled for production in 2010 when will compete with models like Toyota IQ, and future Volkswagen Up!

The Topolino will be powered by Fiat’s forthcoming 900cc two-cylinder gas engine, which will first debut in the 500 later this year. For the Topolino Fiat will offer a normally aspirated unit that will deliver 65 hp. This is mated to a Volkswagen Volkswagen DSG-style twin-clutch gearbox, while the car is also equipped with a stop-start sys­tem, which can switch off the engine when it’s not needed in traffic. As a result, the Topolino should return fuel economy of more than 80mpg and emit less than 90g/km of CO2.

Topolino will be built in the former Zastava plant in Serbia. U.S. consumers know Zastava as the company that made the Yugo in the late 80s and early 90s.

Rumors about Fiat working on a modern version of the 1937 Topolino are overred: the first spy shots already appeared. The 2010 Topolino will compete with cars like Toyota IQ, Smart Fortwo, and future Volkswagen Up!

Topolino will have a length of 3.20m and will offer interior space for four adults.

Topolino will be powered by Fiat’s forthcoming 900cc two-cylinder petrol engine, which will first debut in the 500 later this year. While the 500 is likely to come with two versions of this engine – a 105bhp turbo or a normally aspirated 65bhp unit – it will be the latter that powers most Topolino models.

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Fiat to make low-emission engine for Topolino in Poland

Poland is emerging as one of the world’s leading places from where green and fuel efficient engines are born. Toyota Toyota ’s 1-liter engine which is presently performing duties on the Aygo small car, won the International engine of the year award a while back. That engine was also developed in Poland giving us strong hints that Poland should be one of the best countries for developing and manufacturing small engines.

Italian manufacturer Fiat has put its hand up and decided to manufacture a low emission 900cc gasoline engine in Poland. Unlike any of the engines present in European cars today, this one would be the smallest of the lot with only 2 cylinders. The new engine will give life to Fiat’s new microcar, the Topolino, when launched late next year for European markets.

Sufficient engine options will be on offer for the Topolino, ranging from a 65hp normally aspirated version to a turbcharged 110hp version equipped with Fiat’s Multiair adjustable valve timing (110hp from a 900 c.c engine?!) which promises to be powerful yet frugal. I guess there are more reasons for Mercedes and Toyota to worry about as the Topolino is likely to be another massive hit.

One can expect to see this engine in cars like the 500, Grande Punto and Panda a few years from now on, especially with the emission norms getting tougher, the idea of a 2-cylinder and sub-100 gram per kilometer of CO2 emission engine is definitely a bright one.

A while ago we reported that Fiat’s next big project will be the revival of the classic Topolino . And after some renderings from AutoExpress , today we bring you a design interpretation by Paolo Martin.

The Topolino Concept is part of a series of concepts inspired by classic cars. The series includes the Citroen 2CV Concept published back in June.

New Topolino will be launched in 2010 and will compete with models like Toyota IQ, Smart Fortwo, and future Volkswagen Up!

Source: Virtualcar

As we reported a few weeks ago the next big thing from Fiat will be the reborn of the Topolino , which arrived in 1937 and was one of the smallest cars in the world at that time. And now AutoExpress imagined how the future car might look like. The 2010 Topolino will compete with cars like Toyota IQ, Smart Fortwo, and future Volkswagen Up!

The Topolino takes some styling inspiration from Fiat’s existing range, with large, bold headlights and a neat lower grille. However, its tiny dimensions mean that elsewhere it’s a radi­cal departure for the firm and represents a new design direction.

It also features a new layout. As with the up!, the Topolino will be rear-wheel drive and have its engine mounted underneath the boot. This allows engineers to maximize interior space and ensure the car complies with crash regulations.

Source: AutoExpress

Comebacks have a real success on the market. Or at least they do for Fiat; the 500 is the latest proof. But the Italian company will not stop here. They also want to re-build the Topolino, a model first unveiled in 1938. The new Topolino will be built in the former Zastava plant in Serbia.

Based on the A-platform used by the 500 and Panda minicars but shortened to 3150mm in length, the new Topolino will seat four people and debut late next year.

Fiat said the new company will invest 700 million euros to modernize the Kragujevac plant. The Serbian government will contribute 200 million euros through tax breaks and incentives. By the end of next year, Fiat plans to build 200,000 units a year in Kragujevac. Capacity will grow to 300,000 units from 2010 with the addition of the B-compact models.

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