2007 Fiat Grande Punto Radical

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At the Istanbul International Auto ,Fiat presents Grande Punto Radical,an extreme show car.The car underlines the important role played by the Grande Punto in the market.
This week three production versions are on show .

Fiat has a strong rally presence in Turkey with the new Super2000 category Grande Punto Rally.

 The new Fiat Linea, the C-segment saloon has made its world debut at the show. 

 Characterised by large air intake areas, outrageous spoilers,massive rear wing,huge wheel arches,Radicale has captured the attention of visitors.

A large exhaust is exposed by the rear bumper area completely cutaway.

Enormous roof mounted wing, air scoops in the bonnet and roof, and a flush-fitting aluminium fuel filler flap are other eye-catching features include by the Fiat Punto Radical


The great unknowns are the ride comfort on UK roads and the right-hand-drive conversion. Past sporty Fiats have often felt better to drive at home than in Britain

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