2010 Fiat 500 Rosso Corsa Limited Edition

Fiat has unveiled the special edition 500 Rosso Corsa created especially for the German market. It will be limited to only 250 units, each carrying a price tag of 19,500 €. For comparison, the top version "by Diesel " model costs 17,200 €.

Besides the red exterior color, the 500 Rosso Corsa is also distinguished by leather trim, 16-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights, stereo system, red painted brake calipers, and a body color matching the key cover. Each model will get an aluminum plate with the corresponding production number and a chrome lettering on the tailgate featuring the "Rosso Corsa" logo.

This special edition will only be offered with a 1.4-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine that delivers a total of 100 HP.

Of course, if you want a 500 painted in this red exterior color than we have to repeat the fact that it will only be offered in the red exterior paint job that is unique to this edition and only available in the German market. So either make the move or just choose from other 500 models in your area that are fully customizable anyway. You may not get the red, but you’ll at least have a highly customizable Fiat 500 model that is sure to please.


Oh please just leave that color on Ferrari car! I can’t figure out on what so special about this edition? I agree that special edition doesn’t offer something spectacular.

The bad thing about special edition is that they never offer something especially! Sometimes its just an output of little modification and upgrade just like this car!

I think ugly wheels is being a trend now on hybrid car and model car to show their being “fuel efficient”.

many users are also up for the Limited Edition due to uniqueness and sometimes it represents their lifestyle.

dang, there are already 5 special edition of fiat 500. it became more harder to choose which edition to purchase.

what a cute car.. this is a good replacement to MR Beans mini Copper.. it’s time to enhance MR. Bean..

If the 500 is so customizable upon purchase, why would you pay more to remove your freedom of choice and thus have a car that is identical to 249 other Fiat 500s?

it has almost the same Horses as the honda cr-z.. also has the same price. I smell a competition.

They’ve just added some modification to the 500c to make it’s cost more higher.

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