2011 Fiat 500 Marcia Corta by Camal

If you are a fan of the Pininfarina Design House then Alessio Minchella and Alessandro Camorali are names very familiar to you. Among the cars they have designed the most famous ones are Ferrari 599XX , 599GTO and 458 Italia . In 2008 they have founded "Camal" and the first car to be designed by their little company is 500 Marcia Corta ("Short Gear" in Italian).

A quick look to their car will unveil a design language inspired by classic Abarth models and retro rally cars. The exterior package includes new new front and rear bumpers, sideskirts, spoiler, and competition-style quad spotlight pod. As their concept is based on the 500 EsseEsse , under the hood you will find the same 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that delivers 160 HP. But it will be combined with a new exhaust system.

The 500 Marcia Corta is just a concept at the moment, but Camal is currently looking for partners to help with production and distribution.

Source: Diseno Art


Yeah, the Camal really makes an awesome design for this Fiat vehicle. And I guess the reason behind the sporty styling of the car is because this company sketch the most sporty vehicle in the automobile industry.

Actually, this is the most sporty vehicle that I have seen in the lined up production of Fiat. Honestly, I find their platform kind of vintage.

The good thing about small cars, they offer a better fuel economy and I think small cars are best solution for fuel crisis.

The styling of the Fiat seems to be so classic and I think they need to modified it into a more modern design just like Smart car. However, the Fiat 500 would be a best selling car in the US market.

I do hope that they went beyond just the looks for this one. An engine upgrade would really a good one for this, though I am not really expecting much since this is just a small car.

Ha, the whole work actually made the Fiat 500 look a bit bigger that it is actually. But I would say that they have also made the car look much more awesome.

Wow, this one is just a concept? Well, even in that case, it is still really looking good. And it would probably look even better once they have finalized the overall design.

The appearance of this car is both rough and cute. The Pininfarina Design House really did a great job tuning this one.

I am definitely liking the black color that they are using for this one, it really makes the whole car look very aggressive. But the thing that I am hoping for is that they do more engine upgrades for this baby.

Yay! The combination of Abarth and rally cars styling look so hideous! I was expecting for a decent look like a Abarth car. I think that one seems better compare to this concept.

Personally, I have a doubt on the reliability of this concept. I was thinking if the collaboration of the Abarth and rally car styling would sell in the market. I think the details on the exterior is kind of bloat loaded.

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