2012 Fiat 500 America

If there was ever a point when milking a car for all its worth becomes a tad too much, Fiat may have just crossed that line with the 500 hatchback. Now, it’s completely understandable to produce special variations of certain cars; everyone is doing it and will continue to do it in the future.

Unfortunately, we have a car like the Geneva-bound Fiat 500 America, which is a cutesy 500 with some unique details, including a metallic shade America Blue exterior paint finish, a dedicated beltline, mirror covers with the "Stars & Stripes" graphic, a red cap edge, badges on the door pillar, and a new set of 16" alloy wheels.

All these details sound cool, except that we’ve actually seen something like it in the Fiat 500 Nation Limited Edition , right down to the "Stars & Stripes" graphic. Seems like this Fiat is a renamed model of a pretty similar special edition model. Confused already?

In any case, the Italian automaker will be building 500 three-door versions of this model to go with 500 cabriolet versions.


They are not requiring to buy this if you’re American, but if you have nationalism in your heart, you should have one of it.

Well, who’s nationalist much to drive this car around?

Does this subtly mean that America stays classy? This automotive is manufactured exquisitely.

I wish that its color is available in red too! Fiat’s nationalist car is awesome!

Every American must have this, really. It’s practical and patriotic.

This cute little car of Fiat remains classy. Because of its looks, it is better to be driven by the females.

It is cute The concept of nationalism has manifested, all the while staying classy.

Wow, great side mirrors designed from the US National Flag. The red cap edge is visible to distance and the 16” alloy wheels and rims are impressive just like the Fiat 500 ID.

This would be one of some more ways for Americans to express their patriotism. The features and performance aren’t specified, but by merely looking at it you can tell it’s not one you would use like a sports car but rather a compact-and-environmental car.

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