2013 Fiat 500 Cafe Racer

To hear the term “Café Racer” placed on a four-wheeled vehicle may seem odd, as it is typically reserved for a stripped-down-for-speed motorcycle, but the Fiat 500 is so tiny that it almost fits. At the 2012 SEMA show, Fiat unveiled yet another concept version of its 500 model, and it bears that exact name: Café Racer.

The details are still incomplete yet, but Fiat has released a video on the Interwebz laying out what to expect. The Fiat 500 Café Racer will have all of its attention turned toward weight savings and aerodynamics. Adding to the aerodynamics of the 500’s body includes installing a set of lowering springs and chopping about 4 inches off of the 500’s overall height, giving airflow a much shorter path to the back end.

In terms of weight savings, Fiat installed aftermarket lightweight rims, shaved the door handles, installed Lexan glass, and even trimmed the exhaust system down to a side-exit setup. On the inside, Fiat stripped the 500 down to basically only the things you need to drive the car, leaving only a pair of very small, bomber-style seats up front.

In-tow behind the 500 will be a Café Racer motorcycle that dons the same silver paint job as its Fiat 500 tow vehicle. Hm, a Fiat 500 towing something; that’s a novel and almost funny concept in itself…

We are certain that there are plenty more modifications that will be announced at SEMA, so keep an eye out.


eeey ... is not like that ... there was another...one: 2012 Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser smiley))

I , before to see this post I do not think I’ve heard of other fiat to participate in this edition of SEMA

I find very appropriate the source of inspiration : " a stripped-down-for-speed motorcycle"

I would not buy it. I prefer a thousand times a beetle. and I mean a classic beetle, not to mention the tunned ones

only to me seems that this car does not have anything special? not even the color is spectacular

those from Abarth have reduced the weight of the car ... wasn’t it easy enough already?!

we have many VW Beetle at SEMA. why not also Fiat 500, right?

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