2013 Fiat Bravo Xtreme Concept

We admit to not being all that intrigued by the Fiat Bravo . Sure, it’s an affordable hatchback that looks pretty decent and has the corresponding performance qualifications to make it a nice, everyday ride, but for all the positive vibes of the Bravo, there’s very little about it that really jumps off the page. Well, except if Fiat decides to green light a production version of the just-introduced Bravo Xtreme Concept.

Looking the part of a Ford Focus ST conqueror, the Bravo Xtreme Concept is what we believe the Bravo should’ve looked like a long time ago. The aggressive body kit adds a level of attitude to the vehicle, particularly with the use of a new front bumper with its own large grille, as well as a pair of side vents, each with its own built-in LED. Over at the back, the Bravo Xtreme Concept also received some upgrades, particularly the use of a new bumper, its own LED taillights, the presence of two exhaust pipes, a pair of roof spoilers and diffuser, and a new set of two-tone alloy wheels.

Sound impressive, but the Bravo Xtreme Concept also has its fair share of interior digs, including a four individual seats, an updated dashboard, a new center console with screens integrated into the front seats’ headrests, and a new audio system from ASK.

Under its hood, the Bravo Xtreme Concept also received a rather interesting - and more powerful - engine: a 1.4-liter 16V T-Jet engine that produces an impressive 253 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 245 lb/ft of torque at 5,000 rpm.

It’s not just not shabby in our books, it’s pretty downright impressive if you ask us.


fiats are not known to be reliable. but hell are they fun! look at the fiat 500 and you’ll get my point!

this car looks good in mate black with some discrete red accents. fiat has done a good job.

i love the led lights from the side vents on the front bumper.

i love how aggressive this car looks. its big front grill looks like this car wants to eat its way up!

snow is right. now it is a little bit too late.

knowing fiat, this car will be fair priced. and 4 individual seats, that mate black, 253 HP and 245 lb/ft torque is awesome!

how much is it going to cost? that is one important aspect.

those 253 are at the end of the rev limiter, but then again, this is the case in most cars. at least this one is torquey too.

i guess that detail skipped my eyes. that is very good for a 1.4 liter engine!

am i the only one who noticed the outstanding 253HP out of a 1.4 liter engine ?

otto, i think you are wrong. anyone can accept a fast cheap car. and if this proves to be one, then they may have some success.

if this car would have hit the market at the same tame with the gold VI gti and costed 3/4 of its price, it would have been a potential hit.

i really like this concept. beautiful, aggressive...

Could be an opponent to counteract the civic type-r, golf GTI & co.They always arrive late at all. Too bad because it was pretty well!

I can tell you with knowledge of the facts, this is a pumped Bravo!

The calender does not say anything new, if it were not for the FIAT logo, which I think really original and successful.

What was lacking in the Bravo was the SW configuration. The Bravo is a great product, mechanically robust and reliable, with excellent engines.

This version of the Bravo could go well as restyling for Europe ... But of course as an American car,i am not sure

The Bravo had a lot of potential in my opinion, at its launch has been met with rave reviews.

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