Ford C-Max

Ford C-Max

2014 is shaping up to be a great year for Ford . The redesigned Mustang is set to go on sale as the first version of the pony to reach global markets, while the new-generation F-150 introduces the aluminum body to the pickup-truck segment. New additions also include the revised Expedition SUV and Transit van, introduced for the first time in North America as a replacement for the long-running E Series .

2015 will be equally busy, with several new or refreshed vehicles to hit dealer lots. The new Super Duty trucks, the Edge crossover, and the restyled Focus are the most important additions that come to mind. But Ford has a lot more going on for the remainder of the decade, according to Automotive News, who managed to obtain more details about what Ford may have in store for the next three years. Read on to find out more about Ford’s future product plans.

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The C-Max is Ford’s first Hybrid-only model and comes in two mechanical configurations: Hybrid and ‘Energi’ Plug-in Hybrid. Bringing the heat to Toyota ’s popular Prius and the Chevy Volt , the C-Max fills a solid gap in the marketplace among consumers who won’t settle for the other cars’ many limitations.

C-Max sales are ramping up steadily and the C-Max is on track to be Ford’s best-selling hybrid model of all time by the end of 2013, based on current year-to-date sales and projections. Granted, Ford has some major ground to make up versus the Prius lineups, which has topped 200,000 sales annually in recent years.

The first-to-market advantage of the Prius continues today with the model family taking 58 percent of the market share for hybrid-electric cars. Despite its utter dominance of the segment so far, there’s no reason that the Prius should set the template for all PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) or simpler full hybrids. As shown by the Tesla Model S , there really is a better way. Driving a hybrid shouldn’t have to mean total misery on the road. Would anyone choose a Prius if it didn’t get amazing mileage? No way.

Living somewhere between the Prius and Prius V models, the C-Max offers some real advantages versus its archrivals from Toyota .

Ford’s bringing its fun-to-drive C-Max to crash the dull Prius party. With more space and more family-friendly packaging than the Focus , but all of its enthusiasm for corners, the C-Max pair will continue to gain ground in the sales battle among eco-keen drivers.

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The second-generation Ford C-Max was unveiled in 2010 and Ford is already preparing the first revision for this compact minivan. With this revision, Ford is continuing its attempt installing its new "Aston Martin" looking face on all of its vehicles. The revised C-Max was been caught testing in cold conditions in Sweden.

The first spy shots reveal that the revised C-Max will receive the same treatment applied to all the other models in the lineup. Translated, this means we are going to see a new trapezoidal front grille, bracketed by laser-cut headlamps with LED daytime running lamps and a new power-dome hood. We expect to see some minor updates on the interior where Ford will add new technologies, including the new MyKey system offered in all the other models.

Under the hood, the lineup of engines will remain unchanged, but Ford will most likely add the new 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine that delivers a total of 119 horsepower.

Expect the revised Ford C-max to arrive later this year, most likely in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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So it is official, Ford has gone absolutely crazy with the EcoBoost trend, but it’s a good crazy, as the EcoBoost both lowers emissions and sharply increases fuel economy. The latest engine to spool its way into the EcoBoost lineup is the all-new 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder version. When most people think of a 1.0-liter three-banger, they tend to picture the early-1990s Metro with its concrete massaging 49 horsepower zipping it to 60 mph sometime in the next century, while driving downhill.

Fortunately, this isn’t your Metro’s three-cylinder engine. This boosted three-banger will pump out a respectable 98 horsepower on the base level and an even more impressive 125 horsepower on the top-level engine, the latter exceeding the current 1.6-liter’s output by 5 horsepower.

FEV, the leading developer for this engine, also claims that both versions of the engine will twist out 125 pound-feet of torque, which is 13 more pound-feet than the 1.6-liter engine and it saves 20 pounds worth of weight compared to the 1.6-liter.

The press release makes it a little unclear as to whether or not this new EcoBoost will be offered in the U.S., but given the fact that it mentions the 1.6-liter in a Focus , and it being offered in the C-Max and B-Max , we can assume that it will start off in the U.K., as the B-Max and C-Max are U.K. models, and the Focus only comes with the 1.6-liter in the U.K. . Granted, the C-Max is coming to the U.S., but as a hybrid model only.

With the power output of this engine, you can expect to see it making its way over here soon. The likely host for it would be the Ford Fiesta , as it is more accepted with a smaller engine. Focus buyers would generally not accept a 1.0-liter-powered model.

We will continue to keep an eye on this and let you know if Ford makes mention of it coming to the U.S. or not.

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Following in the reveal of the Ford C-Max Energi Concept , Ford also introduced the C-Max Hybrid Concept at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

The C-Max Hybrid is expected to further strengthen the Blue Oval’s global C-car platform and is already being positioned by Ford as a vehicle that will post better numbers than another one of the US-based company’s hybrid vehicles, the Ford Fusion Hybrid , widely considered as the most fuel-efficient sedan in the US.

Both MPVs that will be made available in North America are going to be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan together with the new Ford Focus and the Focus Electric. Meanwhile, vehicles that are going to go on sale in Europe will be built at Ford’s production facility in Valencia, Spain.

The C-MAX Hybrid Concept is expected to be one of five electrified vehicles that Ford will bring to the North American market in the next two years. Apart from the two C-Max Concepts, Ford will also be releasing the Ford Transit Connect Electric small commercial van, the Focus Electric, which will be launched later this year, and another next-generation hybrid electric vehicle, which will be announced at a later date and will be available in North America and Europe beginning in 2012.

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Ford is looking for an electrifying participation at the Detroit Auto Show and their jump-starting their attendance with the launch of two of its new C-Max variants: the C-Max Energi and the C-Max Hybrid.

The Ford C-Max Energi will be the first-ever production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to come out of Ford and will further strengthen the Blue Oval’s global C-car platform. The C-Max Energi five-passenger multi-activity vehicle will be positioned to post better numbers than another one of the US-based company’s hybrid vehicles, the Ford Fusion Hybrid , widely considered as the most fuel-efficient sedan in the US.

The C-Max Energi will be made available in North America and is expected to be built at the company’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan together with the new Ford Focus and the Focus Electric . Meanwhile, C-Max Energi models headed for Europe will be built at Ford’s production facility in Valencia, Spain.

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Volvo S60

In the glorious country that is the United States of America, we have an interesting and ineffective way of naming our favorite vehicles. It seems every magazine - and sometimes states - gets to name their favorite car of the year. While this can be great for the automaker’s advertising, it can confuse the public just a tad. What car is better here, the winner of Magazine A or Magazine B?

In Europe, things go a bit smoother. Seven different publications from seven different countries pick what they think is the best car of the year. It takes a few months, but in the end you get one winner, which was the Opel Insignia last year.

The finalists for this year came down to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta , Citroën C3/DS3 , Renault/Dacia Duster , Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max , Nissan Leaf , Opel/Vauxhall Meriva , and Volvo S60/V60 .

If those are the choices, we choose the Alfa. The Volvo puts up a strong case, but nothing compares to that Italian soul and passion. Despite our pick, we doubt the jurors will feel the same.

So which vehicle do you think deserves to be Car of the Year? Hit us up in the comments section below.

Ford will unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show the next generation C-MAX, a model that is inspired by the iosis MAX concept car unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Sales will begin in the second half of 2010.

Ford C-MAX

Departing from usual MAV thinking by using Ford’s ’kinetic design’ styling language to adopt a more dynamic passenger-car look, the new model features a coupé-like, sweeping roofline while still retaining the established Ford C-MAX hallmarks of comfort, space, and practicality.

The new C-MAX will be powered by an all-new 1.6-litre Ford EcoBoost direct injection petrol engine. It will be offered with semi-automatic parallel parking and a blind-spot detection system.

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Ford is working on a redesigned version of the compact C-MAX. The current generation of this tall wagon has been on sale in Europe since 2003, and the new design will borrow cues from its big brother S-MAX and recently launched Kuga SUV. The C-MAX will sit on a totally new platform from the upcoming third-generation Focus. This association with the Focus also means that is likely to be one of the European designs that Ford will bring to the U.S. (either by import, or possibly build in North America.)

Under the hood Ford will place the same engines as in the current generation, with a range of 1.6 and 2.0-liter gas and diesel units, including a low-emission ECOnetic oil-burner. Ford’s new EcoBoost line-up is also a possibility. The engine will be mated to a standard six speed manual transmission or Ford’s new twin-clutch semi-automatic Powershift box available as an option. Sales should begin in Europe by 2010.

Source: Autoexpress
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Production of the new Ford C-MAX, featuring a new front end with ’kinetic design’ elements, started today at the Ford plant in Saarlouis. Roland Henz, Lord Mayor of Saarlouis, and Plant Manager Jacques Pollenus drove the first vehicle from the production line. The new Ford C-MAX will be launched across Europe starting in May. Ford C-MAX production volume in 2007 is expected to be 129,000 units. Bernhard Mattes, chairman of Ford-Werke GmbH said: “The Ford C-MAX with its many interesting (...)

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