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Ford Explorer

DSO Eyewear is clearly not a new automaker looking to steal the scene, but they are experts in developing sunglasses. What does this have to do with the 2011 SEMA Auto Show? Well, DSO Eyewear has teamed up with Ford to work on a customized Ford Explorer . According to the companies’ initial statements, their Explorer was inspired by current fashion trends and embraces an active sports urban lifestyle.

The new Explorer by DSO Eyewear features a cool BASF Pearl Tri-Coat White paint with black chrome detailing on the exterior to give the car a contemporary look. The exterior also gets a new set of Niche 24-inch three-piece wheels that are combined with a lowered suspension. The exterior gives way to the interior showcasing Katzkin Midnight Tuscany leather with perforated Raven Suede accents. The lighting is high-tech, with Advanced Automotive Concepts custom LED headlamps.

Nothing else was said about the Ford Explorer , so we’ll all have to tune in to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show next week to see if DSO Eyewear should keep their day job.

Ford ’s presence at the upcoming SEMA Show won’t be just about customizing models like the Fiesta and the Focus . The American automaker is also pitching packages for the bigger families based on the new Ford Explorer . The SUV may not be as fun as the previously mentioned hatchbacks, but it still plays an important part in Ford’s line-up in Las Vegas.

One of the more impressive update packages comes from Stitchcraft Interiors and is called the "Business Edition." As its name suggests, the car is all about offering a more luxurious interior for high-demanding customers. This idea was achieved with Alcantara leather seating, interior accents, door panels, and Orion Car Audio amps, speakers, and wiring. Stitchcraft Interiors also matched study trays to the interior and accents. The exterior is painted in a Seaside Collision two-tone paint scheme with charcoal and orange side graphics.

"The all-new Ford Explorer lends itself to a lot of customization trends because there are so many directions you can go in. Whether it’s amping up the style, performance or capability, they all work seamlessly with Explorer," said Melvin Betancourt, Ford SEMA Design Manager.

Just like skirts getting blown up by the wind, teaser images like these just leaves a whole lot to the imagination. Can’t you guys raise the covers up a little bit more?

In any case, what you see is the second Ford model that Tjin Edition is set to bring at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in two weeks time. We already showed you the Ford Mustang, so this time around, you can get your speculations on as to what the aftermarket company did to the Ford Explorer.

The image doesn’t shed a whole lot apart from that custom 24" iForged Concave wheel that appears to be part of Tjin Edition’s package for the Explorer.

In any case, the company did reveal a slew of other options added on to the Ford Explorer, including a custom Dupont paint finish, a lowered Einbach suspension set-up, large Baer brakes, a Thule bike rack, a black leather interior by LR Auto Body, and a pair of Recaro child seats, among other things.

No word yet on whether the Explorer will carry a similar performance upgrade as the Mustang, but hey, that’s what teasing is all about. The good news is that we won’t have to wait long before the unveiling as SEMA is only two weeks away from opening.

Just in case you have any doubts about the capabilities of Ford’s new line-up of Police Interceptors , the Blue Oval has gone ahead and released a series of six videos that should turn even the most hardened of skeptics into believers.

In the videos, both the Taurus and Explorer -based Interceptors were subjected underwent various test demonstrations on performance, handling, and durability while being test-driven by real police officers and compared against rival manufacturers and their own police interceptors. According to Ford, these officers were not paid for their participation and whose comments and opinions were their own and not necessarily representing the opinions of their respective police agencies.

It’s a fascinating look at how these cars fit into the standards set about by a lot of law-enforcement agencies, all of which hold these cars as critical in assisting their cause of maintaining law and order in their respective areas.

As a refresher on the two distinct Ford Interceptor models, the Explorer Interceptor has a 3.7-liter V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox and delivers 300 horsepower and E85 compatibility, while the Taurus is offered with a choice of two engine choices - a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 that’s also E85 compatible or a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 twin-turbocharged engine with direct-injection that produces 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

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Next to the eight customized Fiestas , Ford will be also unveiling three specially built Explorers at the SEMA Show: one by Funkmaster Flex, one by CGS Performance Products, and one by Galpin.

The Funkmaster Flex Explorer features three-piece forged billet wheels, Katzkin two-tone leather seats with custom interior accents and Funkmaster Flex logos, and a Sony Xplod audio system. The Galpin version gets 24-inch wheels, custom silver paint on the exterior, and modified exterior light treatments. For the interior, Galpin added a leather-trimmed headliner and iPad pops.

Finally, the third version comes from CGS Performance Products and comes with two carbon fiber mountain bikes on the roof rack, built-in video screens in the headrests, 22-inch silver wheels, and the complete custom leather interior. A CGS cat-back exhaust provides more power, a throatier sound, and even improved fuel economy.

More details will be released at SEMA Show.

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Ford has taken great lengths to promote the 2011 Explorer , and it seems that there’s no end in sight as to how far these guys will go just to answer the question of how the Explorer stacks up to its ‘SUV heritage’.

To prove that the Explorer is all that and more, Ford decided to travel halfway around the world to the deserts of Dubai to give the new Explorer a trial run in the one of the world’s hottest locations. So how does Ford’s new SUV handle the atrocious conditions in Dubai, one whose temperature skyrockets to 120-something degrees on a good day and has sands so fine that cars are known to sink just by standing still?

Well, the automaker was kind enough to document the whole experiment with the Explorer’s chief designer, Donald Ufford, outlining the uniqueness of the sands in the Dubai Dubai desert – it’s finer than any sand you can find anywhere in the world – and commenting on how it provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to test the SUV’s Terrain Management System.

We have to admit, after going through a myriad of weird teaser photos of the Explorer, we’re a little relieved to finally see the SUV in action as opposed to looking at bits and pieces of it with all those Ford executives mugging in front of the camera . It’s about time, Ford.

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No other car company has used social networking sites quite like Ford and no other vehicle has changed the American landscape like the Explorer. For better or for worse, the Explorer kicked off the SUV craze in the United States and many years later, there is a new version on our hands.

When it was first released in 1995, the Explorer sold around 412,000 units each year until 2003. In 2000, the car sold around 445,000 units, the best year for Ford. Sadly, the 2009 model year was a low point, as the car sold around 52,000 units.

The 2011 Ford Explorer has been teased over and over again on Facebook and their page has tons of fans. The page has a drop down feature that lists details about the vehicle, along with a hidden image.

Now though, it’s all over. The speculation and the endless barrage of teaser photos are at an end. Finally. Today, Ford took the wraps off of the Explorer and like McDonalds taking the wrapper off of a new burger, America watched.

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After manyteaser photos - many, many teaser photos - Ford is finally unveiling the 2011 Ford Explorer to the world today. However, in true Ford style, the unveiling will come in many videos and photos released throughout the day. They have already released two videos, one at 12:01am and another at 7:40am, and there will be plenty more as the day drags on.

Thankfully, we were able to get our own little video of the Ford Explorer’s unveiling this morning. You can check out our video above as well as some pictures we took while we were there.

The first of Ford’s videos showed Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” and Ford celebrity spokesman as he interviewed Ford CEO Alan Mullaly the last night. The second video was the one that everyone wants to see. Yes, we were able to witness the official unveiling of the 2011 Ford Explorer Ford Explorer . Of course, you’ll have to sit through about three minutes and 15 seconds of Ford’s staff discuss their jobs and experiences at Ford before the tarp gets thrown off of the Explorer. Ford does seem to have a theatrical vein running through them, don’t they?

We’ll keep you posted on the videos they decide to throw out at us throughout the day. Of course, we’ll try to lump them all together so you won’t have to set your alarm for each piece of information as Ford dishes it out sparingly.

Hit the jump for the two videos already released by Ford.

The good news is that the unveiling of the 2011 Ford Explorer is just one day away. The bad news is, with one day before the unveiling, we don’t know how many more teasers of the new SUV we can stomach from these guys.

Okay, it’s not that we don’t appreciate the effort they give out, but at some point, the whole definition of ‘teasing’ a vehicle loses its meaning when you come out with one every other day – or so it seems.

We can only be teased for so long without the whole thing becoming ridiculous and in the case of the 2011 Explorer, we’ve seen just about enough teasing of it – and, unwittingly, the front office execs and their smiling faces on some of the photos – that it’s becoming a little, shall we say, repetitive.

Thankfully, we’ll all be spared from anymore of this on the 26th of July, at which time Ford will officially take the covers off of the SUV on their Facebook page. Now, here’s to hoping that July 26 comes fast enough, or we might be treated to yet another ho-hum teaser photo.

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If teaser photos became a barometer for sales success among automakers, then the 2011 Ford Explorer would have run away from the competition by the now. Seriously, how many teasers are we going to get of this SUV? And the worst part is, we don’t know if Ford is actually teasing the car or doing some sort of corporate headshot portfolio of its executives. With the way these images are coming out, we don’t know which is which anymore.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, we’re here to show you another teaser image of the soon-to-be-released – thankfully! – 2011 Explorer with another smiling executive blocking the SUV from our inquisitive eyes. Turns out, the lady in the photo is Jenner Brace, one of the key figures in the design and development of the MyFord Touch. In fairness to this photo, the Explorer’s interior is in fact showing, with the SUV’s dashboard and center console sneaking in a partial spot in what looks like Ms. Brace’s headshot.

Whatever our frustrations are with Ford ’s method in teasing their new SUV, all of it should be appeased pretty soon when the Blue Oval officially breaks the cover off of the 2011 Explorer next week. Yes, Ford; it’s about time.

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