Ford F-150

Ford F-150

Ford has paired up with Harley Davidson yet again to bring us one of the toughest trucks around: the Ford Harley-Davidson F-150. This collaboration of toughest proportions has been around for many years and each year, both companies’ efforts double to reveal a cooler design and more aggressive performance.

The 2012 Ford-Harley Davidson F-150 was presented in Sturgis, SD with distinctive new design enhancements, snakeskin leather interior accents, and unique body-side graphics. The pick-up also receives a new set of wheels, size 22" with painted accents and unique center cap for 2012. Under the hood, Ford has placed a 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine, which uses big-bore architecture and delivers a total of 411 horsepower and 434 lb.-ft. of torque.

"This is a great pairing of two icons of the open road: Ford and Harley-Davidson. Both brands appeal to truck owners and motorcycle enthusiasts alike," said Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 marketing manager. "For 2012 we worked with Harley-Davidson to continue to push the styling envelope while still delivering the durability and power that F-150 is known for and that our collective customers expect. It perfectly captures both brands."

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The 2011 Detroit Auto Show won’t be just about introducing cars and concepts to the public. While that aspect will take up most of the event’s time, there will also be a number of side events that promise to keep the show as interesting as it can be.

One of the events that’s scheduled to take place is a public demonstration by Ford where a group of engineers from the Blue Oval will tear down an F-150 EcoBoost engine. The whole episode will involve the engine being stripped down to its individual parts where it will then be analyzed to see the importance of each individual part that comprises the EcoBoost engine.

The engine that will be torn down by Ford engineers will be a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that can be found in the 2011 Ford F-150 Ford F-150 pick-up. Although the engine is relatively new, Ford has simulated it to have more than 160,000 miles of wear and tear on it, which in real life form, translates to a usage time of somewhere around 10 years.

Be sure to check out this special Ford event at the Detroit Auto Show where it will take place at the Ford stand on January 15th at 11 a.m. If for nothing else, it should give us a better idea of the capabilities of the company’s EcoBoost engine.

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Top Gear USA To Premiere November 21st

We are almost halfway through the first season of Top Gear USA and we are pleased to say that the show is not a complete waste of our time. In fact, we actually enjoy watching it. The clips are informative, the challenges are funny and entertaining, and the opportunity of making fun of Ferrara will never slide past us. We can’t help it; we don’t really like the guy as the "main" host.

Now that all of that is out of the way, we can move on to the actual show aired. The fourth episode of Top Gear USA takes us through a long review of the Mercedes SLS AMG with Adam Ferrara behind the wheel. Only Ferrara can ruin the Mercedes’ camera time. Top Gear UK has Captain Slow, we have Captain Boring. ’Nuff said.

The more interesting part of the show was the two challenges. The first was a race between the Ford F-150 Velociraptor and a HALO jumper while the second was a jumbled mess of two old beaters shooting out paintballs. And by two old beaters, we mean Ferrara and Wood. Just kidding.

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In the United States, trucks are a part of our culture. The same can’t be said in the rest of the world, but here, these vehicles are symbols of freedom and hard work. The big three have dominated this segment, but nobody has done it better than Ford with the F-150 .

With the new Dodge Ram being as good as it is, Ford had to step up their game with their newest version for 2011. In order to maintain their impressive bit of marketing gold for a 34th straight year, the Dearborn-based automaker is putting four brand-new engines into their best selling truck.

Reworking an icon isn’t easy, just ask the designers of the new Corvette. When it came out, those headlights were either loved or hated. With the new F-150, if something were to be too radical then you might lose buyers. So, did Ford keep things simple with this newest version, yet at the same time upgrade the winning formula?

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Racing trucks never really caught on, just as the NASCAR Truck Series, but that hasn’t stopped our friends over at from racing two new Ford F-150 trucks . The two trucks that faced off were both V6 models for 2011.

The website took these two new trucks to the Milan Dragway in Michigan and put them head to head in their Work Truck Shootout. While trucks usually don’t line up and drag race each other, it was interesting to see the power of these two new models.

The first truck, which ran a 15.87 second quarter mile, was the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V6 with 302 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. The quicker EcoBoost model with 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque ran a 14.67 second time at 94.6 miles per hour. Interestingly, both of these two times were quicker than the half-ton V8 models tested by the site in 2008.

Ford has announced today that theF-150 pick-up will receive a new 3.7-liter V6 engine that delivers a fuel economy of 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway in 4x2 configuration. Ford also announced that trucks with the 3.7-liter V6, 5.0-liter V8, and 6.2-liter V8 will arrive in dealer showrooms later this year. Each engine will be mated to a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission.

The new 3.7-liter four-valve Ti-VCT V6 delivers a total of 302 HP at 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 278 lb.-ft. at 4,000 rpm. The engine also comes with E85 flex fuel capability.

"Seventy percent of F-150 customers said better fuel economy is what they’d like improved most in their truck," said Doug Scott, Truck Group marketing manager. "The 2011 Ford F-150 does exactly that with best-in-class fuel economy, best-in-class capability and power, and more powertrain choices to suit their different needs."

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Ford will enter the world-famous Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 with an F-150 EcoBoost. The Baja 1000 race is part of an extensive torture test program by Ford for customers to see for themselves the extreme durability testing and development of the class-leading EcoBoost truck engine.

The Ford F-150 EcoBoost is powered by 3.5-liter engine with twin turbochargers and direct fuel injection and an output of 365 HP at 5,000 rpm and 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm, all this on regular fuel.

"The desert racing environment has been a tremendous laboratory for Ford over the years," said Eric Kuehn, chief engineer of the 2011 F-150. "We’re eager to watch the 3.5-liter EcoBoost truck engine prove its durability, reliability, performance and fuel economy in this tough setting. In addition to durability, reliability and top performance, we expect the EcoBoost to get outstanding fuel mileage to the point of saving one or two fuel stops during the race."

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Either the universe is expediting the demise of Mercury or somebody just got a case of massive panic, although this dealership accident may prove that both scenarios were working hand-in-hand.

Whatever the case may be, a couple looking to make a Ford F-150 pick-up truck purchase were about to test drive a unit when things took a (reverse) turn for the worse. Thinking that he was all set to go, the driver mistakenly put the pick-up in reverse only to realize what he had done a second too late. In his panic, the driver accidentally pushed the gas pedal, causing the truck to drive straight into not just one, but two Mercury Milan sedans that were parked in front of the F-150.

Emergency crews were quick on the scene to help the shell-shocked couple out of the truck where, fortunately, both came out unscathed. According to KABC, all three vehicles were heavily damaged as a result of the accident, although there’s no word on whether the couple who made the trip to the dealership to test out the F-150 would have to pay for the two Milan sedans they accidentally wrecked as a result of the mishap. We’re not ones for letting incidences like this go without so much as a fine, but considering that these are Mercurys - who really buys them these days? - we’d let this one pass. Besides, the driver didn’t mean to do it so we’ll chalk this one up to the universe accelerating the inevitability of Mercury’s demise.

Source: KMBC

If the Hennessey tuned-Ford F-150 VelociRaptor 500 isn’t powerful enough for you, then you’re in luck. Somehow, Hennessey shares the same sentiments and have thus decided to give their mountain of a truck its own big brother.

In this video, we are given the first look at the new tuned-up 6.2-liter V8 Raptor that is reported to produce over 605 horsepower and 622 lb/ft of torque. Those figures, if you didn’t know, are a jump over the VelociRaptor 500’s output of 501 horsepower and 520 lb/ft of torque and should lead to a significant decrease in time for the 0-60mph sprint. If you don’t remember, the VelociRaptor 500 completed the 0-60mph sprint in 5.6 seconds leading us to believe the new Raptor will complete the sprint in just over 5 seconds.

In addition to the more powerful engine, Hennessey Performance also gave this beast of a truck a twin-turbo system with matching intercoolers and a stainless-steel exhaust that clearly doesn’t need any explanation as to why it was put there. Hennessey also added an upgraded fuel system and boost controller because, well, with that much added power, the truck needs a little help in the respiratory department.

You want steel-breaking, mountain-crumbling power? This 6.2-liter Ford V8 VelociRaptor is just what the doctor of destruction ordered, even though we cannot possibly think of a reason why anyone would need such a speedy mountain of a truck.

Updated 05/03/2011: In their latest episode, Top Gear USA tested the VelociRaptor 600 by Hennessey at their personal test track. Watch what The Stig has to say about the car after the jump.

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Tuning a pick-up is not something you’ll see everyday. In its standard version, the 5.4 liter V8 engine of the Ford F150 develops a total of 310 HP and 365 lbs-ft of torque, but car audio manufacturer Magnat have managed to obtain a total of 340 HP. And to do that they lifted the hood and boosted the engine.

Now, this boost may not be as impressive as you think considering the other changes made to the car. By other changes, we mean the impressive updates made to the truck’s interior. In there, Magnat added Recaro Cross Sportster CS-single seats with Alcantara upholstery, DVD, Ipod, TV Tuner, Navi, and an Xbox game console. The Audio system features 17 loudspeakers and 10 amplifiers that total more than 20,000 Watts. And just in case the customer is not satisfied with the enormous sound system offered in the Ford F-150 by Magnat, the tuner is also offering a slew of optional sound features fit to please any harcore music listener.

The whole package is finished by light 22 inch alloy wheels with high speed tires from Yokohama in a 305/40-22 dimension and a matte coat of lacquer in gunmetal gray.

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