Ford F-150

Ford F-150

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Ford’s future SVT Raptor is one of the few trucks that gives us that warm and tingly feeling inside. Built with a slew of high performance aftermarket parts straight off the showroom, Ford claims that it will be the “first truck you could buy right off the lot and drive in Baja.” That is exactly what filmmaker Bud Brutsman was out to show.

The documentary "Raptor-Born in Baja" will debut at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California on June 23rd. The film follows Ford’s design team, race engineers and team directors as they put the Raptor together and then put the off-road F-150 through its paces by entering the grueling Baja 1000, one of the toughest all terrain races in the world. A test that the Raptor passed with flying colors, coming in third in class in what was supposed to be a development run.

Following the film’s premiere, a one-hour television version of the feature will air on the SPEED Channel on Sunday, July 12. Check you local listings for time and channel.

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A while ago trucks had a much simpler mission. Owners only demanded two things from their trucks: the steering wheel is connected to the wheels, and that the owner died before the truck did.

Now truck ownership has reached the premium levels. The previous requirements are still the same, but now there are more items added. Trucks are no longer just on the farm and the job site, but they are also in the corporate parking lots used for the do-it-yourself crowd who has learned how to build an addition on the house in a few weekends. So while a truck still has to be tough enough to carry the rocks and gravel in the back, it has to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle the suits up front.

A place where this is really evident is in the 2009 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat that joined our fleet. Ford has almost 60 years experience assembling F-Series trucks, so there is no doubt about it’s tough as nails ability. We just didn’t expect to be so comfy in a workman’s truck.

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Ford Strikers by Hulst Customs

The Oregon based design studio Hulst Customs have just introduced their Striker models based on the Ford F-150 and F-350 Dually. Both trucks receive 15 piece body kits designed by Hulst and are covered in Striker Silver with two bold blue stripes running the length of either vehicle. The F-150 rides nicely on its multi-piece twelve spoke rims from Rodtana while the F-350 is sitting pretty on a set of 24 inch American Force forged alloys.

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Ford definitely has good timing. It is premiering its Harley-Davidson edition of the new F-150 at the right time of year in the right place. Winter in Illinois is no place to ride a motorcycle, so Ford is using the Chicago Auto Show to remind everyone that they can still look like a badass without freezing their ass.

Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

What separates this from the standard F-150 is the attitude. Billet grille, 22-inch wheels with low profile tires, and plenty of Harley-Davidson badges make this one a little meaner. The color choices for the Harley-Davidson F-150 are called “Tuxedo Black” and “Lava Red”, but considering the clientele, names like “Riding Jacket Black” and “Snitch’s Blood Red” may be more appropriate.

Inside the truck get the all-leather treatment. The seat backs feature ribbed leather with engraved Harley-Davidson button snaps and even zippered map pockets featuring zippers from Harley jackets.

Truck Nuts sold separately.

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The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor R made its official debut today at the SEMA Show. The car was developed by SVT and Ford Racing specifically to race in the Baja 1000 – a grueling off-road race run along the Mexican peninsula.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor R

The reason why the Raptor showed up at SEMA is because this will also be offered as a package for the new F-150 . Consumer versions of the SVT Raptor will get the same upgraded suspension, wider track and 500 hp 6.2-liter V-8 engine that is on the show car/racer.

Ford may have an interesting point to make with the Raptor. In a market where it’s tough to sell big and powerful trucks, the way to distinguish its product is by making it ready for off-road fun.

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Ford will unveil at the SEMA Show four special F-150 project trucks: 2009 Ford F-150 Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor, 2009 Ford F-150 FX-4 by X-Treme Toyz, 2009 Ford F-150 by Street Scene Equipment and Hi-Pa Drive F-150.

The Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor turns the 2009 F-150 into the ultimate tough truck for any job site with features that will drive productivity and help contractors achieve their peak performance. This rugged, durable, hard-working truck is equipped with powertrain mods to improve performance and efficiency plus a long list of custom features that turn it into a rolling work shop.

Ford to unveil four F-150 project trucks at SEMA

The 2009 Ford F-150 FX-4 is “Built Ford Tough” for hard work or for rough play. It features a radically rugged-looking exterior, a luxuriously refined interior plus a full array of functional upgrades and accessories, this truck will put true weekend warriors in the zone.

The new Ford F-150 Lariat is built for those who don’t believe in compromises.

The Hi-Pa Drive F-150 is powered by four electric in-wheel motors that will deliver more than 600 hp as well as more torque than the 320 horsepower V-8 engine it replaced.

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November’s SEMA Show will bring the best tuning houses and their latest masterpieces. One of these tuned machines will be the Ford F-150 Striker R, inspired by the Shelby GT500KR . The truck will be powered by a 5.4-liter V8 Ford engine connected to a Kenne Bell Blowzilla supercharger and intercooler, which will deliver an impressive 500 hp. The vehicle will also feature an Optimizer II electronic engine management system as well as a Corsa Cat-Back exhaust system. In order to improve the stability a Bell Tech suspension package was installed and due to the massive amount of hp new 15-inch Big Bite cross-drilled rotors found their place in the stylish pick-up. In order to complete the kit a new set of 22-inch alloy wheels and Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico ultra-high-performance tires were added.

After yesterday’s announcement on better fuel economy , Ford released pricing on the 2009 F-150 pick-up that will go on sale this October. Prices start from $ 21,320 for the XL version and go up to $44,860 for the Platinum one.

Ford may be finding a tougher sale for large trucks in an economy that is been beaten by high gas prices. Like other truck makers in the industry, Ford hopes to spur sales through offering more options as standard equipment and better fuel economy.

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The 2009 Ford F150 will go on sale in October with fuel economy that has improved an average of 8% across the entire lineup. Ford says this savings came from using lightweight steel to lighten the truck by about 100 pounds and aerodynamic refinements.

2009 Ford F150 on sale in October, fuel economy improved by 8%

Also new for 2009 is the SFE package ("superior fuel economy") available on F-150 SuperCrew XL and XLT 4X2 vehicles with 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8 engines and 5.5-foot beds. The SFE pickup will achieve 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. It will be a no-cost option on XLT SuperCrew pickups with the chrome package and will cost $1,095 when ordered on XL SuperCrew pickups with the decor package. So the lesson here is get chrome, get more miles?

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